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Carlisle All Trail Turf Tires

Carlisle All Trail Turf Tires
Carlisle All Trail Tires

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Item Id: CARATL-5
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Carlisle All Trail ATV Tires

The Carlisle All Trail tires are available in a variety of sizes that can be used for many applications. You'll see this tire mounted on anything from Patrol Vehicles, Warehouse equipment, Foreign Mini Trucks, ATVs, Lawn Mowers, Lawn / Garden Trailers & Golf Carts. The All Trail tires can be used on a variety of terrain including concrete, asphalt, turf, dirt or gravel trails. Carlisle makes a tire for pretty much every application out there. When you buy a product with Carlisle's name on the side, you know you are getting a top of the line product that will perform and last.

All Trail Tire Details

- Carlisle atv tires are sold individually.
- In most cases our Carlisle All Trail tires ship out within 1 business day!
- Designed for use on hard surface and paved applications.
- Perfect for the construction site, in a warehouse or on a security patrol vehicle, just to give a few examples
- Offers a much smoother ride, more responsive handling and extra-long life on hard surfaces compared to traditional knobby tires.
- Available for most 4x4 and utility ATVs.
- 4 ply atv tire

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Customer Reviews Average Rating review
best tires long lasting for pavement road
Carlisle All Trail Turf Tires are firm, and i used them for all terrain both in town and tundra. are most reliable and tire detail is right describe. good service fast shipping. thanks.
Reviewed by: Peter from Canada, Nouveau-Quebec, Nunavik. on 4/12/2015
Carlisle All Trail Tires
The pullingest gripping mud tire ever. Not kidding. Combination of knobby and diagonal design is terrific. Cleans out and bites hard in mud and high rubber to void ratio makes it last and ride great on any surface. We spray with a 450 Honda Foreman on our farm in very wet conditions and these pull better than so called mudders. More bite area. It would be fun to mud run with these next to high lugged tires and see who wins. Only negative... not available for 14 inch rims. Come on man!
Reviewed by: Do John from MN. on 5/21/2014
Great Tires for Japanese Mini Trucks
I purchased these tires for my Mitsubishi mini truck to replace a more aggressive set of Carlisle tires that it came with. Big improvement!! These are well suited for multiple surfaces (pavement, trails, grass fields). The ride and noise levels are much better with the All Trail. I would highly recommend this tire for other owners of mini trucks.
Reviewed by: Bill Thrush from Versailles, Kentucky. on 5/1/2013
I am impressed!
I put these tires on my 2009 Polaris Ranger HD. I have about 400 miles so far. I ride about half off road and half on pavement. At first I tried 12 PSI and it seemed a little stiff. Then I put them all(4) down to 8 PSI and have not looked back. I was getting about 12 MPG with the stock Polaris PXT tires. NOW I am getting 19.5 MPG! And I can tell you that when I loaded up the bed of my Ranger with a lot of weight with the stock tires(pxt)this machine was all over the place. But the All Trail tires are super sturdy. The machine is very solid when loaded with A LOT of weight(1000+ lbs). The only negative I have is the fact that the tires pick up a lot of rocks and the rocks hit the underside and the wheel wells and it is very annoying.
Reviewed by: Huck from Bouse, AZ. on 3/10/2013
Price can't be beat!
Great tire for the Gator and quick, FREE delivery! This was the best price I could find on the internet or locally. I called twice to clarify things and the people I spoke to were wonderful and informative. Can't go wrong here!!!!
Reviewed by: Gena from Kentucky. on 7/19/2012
business owner
Excellent tire for my John Deere Gator used on sandy soil. Pure offroad had easy to find tire sizes that I needed and extremely fast shipping.
Reviewed by: Kenneth Vanden Berg from Mokena. on 6/21/2012
theese are great atv tires ive heard some great reviews on these before and all of them were true your atv will drive very nice with these tires
Reviewed by: Max from St. Maarten. on 12/1/2011
Honda Fourman 450
Good service and very speedy delivery from Pure Offroad. Looking for a work tire around the farm that would not damage my lawn. These are great multi-purpose tires with good off-road traction but a bit stiffer ride than my OEM Dunlops. Not the best choice for bumpy terrain.
Reviewed by: Ranger from Indiana. on 5/15/2011
Review for Carlisle All Trail Turf Tires
Very satisfied with the tires that I mounted on a mini truck. Tires have deep lugs and great gripping power. A little noisy if you run on pavement but these tires are really designed for off road use.
Reviewed by: Barry Walker from Louisville, KY. on 4/27/2011
We have an old farm 4-wheeler that needed 2 new tires. I called and talked to a rep at Pure Offroad and took care of me. He found what I needed, answered my questions in about 5 minutes. So I placed the order and also received free shipping. I received the tires the same week. Very happy and satisfied. Thank you!!
Reviewed by: Stephanie from Moxee, WA. on 5/15/2010
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