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EFX Moto MTC ATV Tires

EFX Moto MTC ATV Tires
EFX Moto MTC ATV Tires

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26x9-12 [+$117.90]
26x11-12 [+$132.30]
26x9-14 [+$125.10]
26x11-14 [+$140.40]
28x10-14 [+$172.80]
28x10-15 [+$176.40]
30x10-16 [+$189.90]
32x10-18 [+$207.00]
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EFX Moto MTC ATV Tires

The EFX Moto MTC ATV tires have a non-directional tread pattern very similar to the Maxxis Bighorn but more aggressive. The tread design offers excellent traction going both forward and in reverse. The very aggressive 1 1/4" lugs give your quad a powerful look and feel.

- EFX ATV tires are sold individually.
- In most cases our EFX tires ship out within 1 business day!
- Moto MTC Tires are an excellent aggressive all-terrain tire.
- 6-ply ATV tire providing outstanding puncture resistance.
- Very knarly tread pattern that differs from all other tires available.
- 1 1/4 tread depth.

EFX Moto MTC Specs

Tire Size Ply Tread Depth
Weight (lbs.)
26x9-12 6 1 1/4" 30
26x11-12 6 1 1/4" 37
26x9-14 6 1 1/4" 30
26x11-14 6 1 1/4" 35
28x10-14 6 1 1/4" 39
28x10-15 6 1 1/4" 38
30x10-16 6 1 1/4" 41
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
I own an Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail. Ordered 28x10x15 all the way around. Tires have proven to be excellent in rocks, mud, snow and have very good grip when climbing. Very happy!
Reviewed by: Olegario Conde from DeSoto,TX. on 12/10/2014
Awesome tires and wheels for XP 900
I bought this tire and a m20 rim for my spare and they mounted them together for me great customer service. These tires are great. Over 300 miles in the Paiute trails last year and not one problem. Over 500 miles on them now and plenty of tread left. Have recommmended them to my friends. Also have a set of there sand tires which are exceptional.
Reviewed by: Jeff from Las Vegas, NV.. on 3/19/2014
EFX Moto MTC Tires
Look great on new MSA M20 14s. Ride well and great all round tire.
Reviewed by: Kenneth Humphreys from Lake Placid, FL. on 3/17/2014
Not Happy
My second ride with these tires and I got a hole in the side wall from a rock. running 6 psi in them so I put 10 psi in them now so the tire doesn't pinch against rim. Good thing they dig great in the mud.
Reviewed by: Dave Shuttleworth from St Marys Pa. on 10/20/2013
msa tires
Great tough tires at the best prices I could find. I lost a little of my ride and the tire are noisier that stock tires but all was expected and worth it.
Reviewed by: john haley from ky. on 10/14/2013
EFX Moto MTC ATV Tires
I am running 30x10-16 on my 2013 rzr 800 s. Great traction in mud, rocks and gravel. Tires clean out very well. Super stiff side walls. I had to use tire balance beads shook very bad around 30 mph the beads cured the balance issue. Deep lugs give it a great look. Very happy with them overall. Pureoffroad is great to deal with.
Reviewed by: Chris from Chester Vermont. on 9/3/2013
Ranger Crew
Put these on my 2013 polaris ranger crew 500. So far I like them, True test will be next month at jamboree. Been in mud/gravel/streetso far and they did great.
Reviewed by: Scott from Ware Place , South Carolina. on 9/3/2013
EFX Moto MTC ATV Tires 28x10-14
These tires are awesome and ride very good to im very impressed i would recommend to anyone. I will do business again !!! Thanks !!!!
Reviewed by: jason from louisiana. on 6/4/2013
30-10-16 moto mtc RZR XP 900
These tires are absolutley amazing. Different people have different likes and dislikes pertaining to their riding style, but if you want a smooth ride, looks, durability, and great traction, then these are the tires for you.
Reviewed by: Tommy Lore from Wheelersburg, OHIO. on 5/15/2013
These Tires are the best I have ever seen.good Quality good price. will do Business gain THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by: Greg Atkins from Accoville WV. on 4/18/2013
2012 Foreman 500 on MTC Moto's
I bought these tires in 26x9x14 (front) and 26x11x14 (rear) with a set of MSA diesel rims. I have to say that these tires are purely indestructable from what I have put them through. The only downfall I have is that I have a straight axel on my Foreman and it bogs down way to easy. The traction I get from these tires are outstanding. I have never seen a better all around tire for some of the things that I do. I have a few videos of these tires in action on YouTube @ 07kodygsr. Check it out.
Reviewed by: Kody G. from Antlers, OK. on 3/25/2013
Tires and Wheels
I purchased these tires and wheels as a set. Not only was the price great but the product was quickly shipped and arrived just as adverstised. Great service and great product.
Reviewed by: Scott from Central Texas. on 2/19/2013
MTC 26 x 14 on Rancher 420
These tires look really great on the Rancher 420. Rancher has plenty of power even with the 2" tire upgrade. They ride very well even on hard pack. Steering is very comfortable. They handle loose dirt and the average mud hole with ease. Heavy very loose sloppy mud is another story, but is a good trade off for looks and comfort and is much better than stock. Tires lay flat on surface with 5 lbs of air in them and handle weight very well. I would not think I could find a better tire. I just wise they would make them for 12" rims so we would have more sidewall.
Reviewed by: Robert from Louisana. on 12/10/2012
moto mtcs
well they really grip the trail . they are like having shovels on in deep sand and gravel though . second ride we got stuck in peep mud and gravel hole up too our muffler while spinning bike sucked rocks into both back rims .the rocks punched holes in the stock wheels 2012 850 xp blue fire with about 25hrs on it so i just ordered two crusher rims think they will look killer they are 1.5" wider stance than the stockers should look boss . they are an extremely gripping tire. we like!
Reviewed by: michael dunn from mn,. on 7/19/2012
Not so happy after 6 tries
Ok since I just wrote 1668 words and can only have 500 I have to cut this short. I have now had 6 of these tires and all but one have a hole in them. On hole that couldn't be plugged happened in 10 min of the tires being used the first time. The others happened on the next ride. I am very unhappy with these and it's sucks because they look like such a great tire. I have now paid for six and only have one now that doesn't have a hole in it so I have decided to not order another one
Reviewed by: Mike k from Pa. on 3/15/2012
Excellent tires at a great price.
Reviewed by: Terry Beachner from Erie, KS. on 2/27/2012
great tires
i bought a set of these for my can am outlander, they are great. the tire is all around the best tire i have ever tested. in mud it grips great, climbing hills has plenty of traction, and loose gravel or road riding is very smooth. these are the best all terrain tire i have seen
Reviewed by: aaron gorbett from central illinois. on 1/8/2012
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