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GBC Dirt Commander ATV Tires

GBC Dirt Commander ATV Tires
GBC Dirt Commander Atv Tires

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Item Id: GBCDC-AE1
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25x8-12 [+$105.00]
25x10-12 [+$122.00]
26x9-12 [+$120.00]
26x11-12 [+$135.00]
27x9-12 [+$120.00]
27x11-12 [+$135.00]
26x9-14 [+$120.00]
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GBC Dirt Commander Atv Tires

GBC Motorsports Performance ATV tires are built to get you over tough terrains to your destination. Dirt Commander, GBC's new all terrain tire, is a super tough 8-ply rated tire that gives you excellent puncture resistance. Its siped tread design also gives additional biting edges for better traction in all terrains.

- GBC Dirt Commander tires are sold individually.
- Our GBC tires generally ship out within 1 business day!
- 8 ply atv tire
- All terrain tread design
- Extremely durable and puncture resistant
- 7/8 inch tread depth

Dirt Commander Tire Specs

Tire Size Ply Tread Depth
32nds (Inches)
25x8-12 8 28/32 (.87") 18.0
25x10-12 8 28/32 (.87") 20.0
26x9-12 8 28/32 (.87") 25.5
26x11-12 8 28/32 (.87") 27.0
26x9-14 8 28/32 (.87") 24.0
26x11-14 8 28/32 (.87") 27.0
27x9-14 8 28/32 (.87") 22.8
27x11-14 8 28/32 (.87") 28.7
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
GBC Dirt Commaner ATV tires
My husband and I are VERY impressed with the fast delivery of these tires. So impressed we plan to order two more very soon. Ordering was easy as 1, 2, 3! We really like that the tires are 8-ply. Preparing for winter (busy cutting firewood) has delayed getting the tires mounted, but will be done soon as it's nearly time to mount the snow plowing blade on our UTV. Good product at a reasonable price.
Reviewed by: Charlotte Michalik from northern Wisconsin. on 10/10/2014
GCB Dirt Commander Tires
Purchased the tires a few weeks ago. AWESOME RESULTS! A big improvement over the stock tires. Have used them on the mountains trails in all types of conditions and they have performed great. The eight ply tire rides alot better than I had expected and grips like you can't believe. No dout I would buy these tires again.
Reviewed by: Roscodog from Southern Idaho. on 8/8/2013
Awesome tires, perfect lug depth for when you get in the thick. Very solid appearance and performance. Highly recommended. Intend to order another set for my sport 4wheeler soon. Love the Commanders, and love pure off road!1
Reviewed by: Drew from Indiana. on 5/13/2013
Bad man on campus with this tire. not to big.
Reviewed by: david dies from akron ohio. on 10/30/2012
Nice tires pull like a monster!!! If these ever wear out, I'll replace with the same.
Reviewed by: La Pierce from Carrollton TX. on 4/10/2012
Iím loving my GBC Dirt Commanders!
After one year of hard riding, not a single repair has been necessary to my Dirt Commanders. You do lose a bit of top end speed because of the big lugs, but the gain in traction is amazing! Itís the proverbial equivalent of climbing a wet grassy hill wearing leather sole dress shoes vs cleats. Having taken these tires on all six of the Hatfield McCoy Trails, Iíd have to say that these tires are perfect for Appalachian trail riding, and even better at mountain climbing!
Reviewed by: Big John from Eastern Ohio. on 12/4/2011
Mean nobs
Love the tires, great tread ride idea great! But they are a bit on the small side, my 26" tall we're on 24" even with 1" nobs...but pure offroad came through for me had them at my door the next day...great work POR!!!
Reviewed by: Trailz from Indiana. on 11/2/2011
Picked up a set of 25" DC's. Took them on a 57mi ATV Rally in Hancock NY which covered rocks, mud, dirt, water, creek beds, grass, steep rock ledged hillclimbs, roads, everything but sand. They performed flawlessly!! They seem glued to the trail on off-cambers and clean out very well in mud. There is no "perfect" tire on the market....but these are VERY close!!! I'd reccomend to ANYONE!!!
Reviewed by: JayM from Kirkwood, NY. on 8/19/2011
GBC Dirt Commanders
I purchased a set of Dirt Commanders for my Polaris 850 to use in Northern Baja. The previous tires could not hold up to the terrain and were constantly flat. The DC,s have performed great. I have not had any flats in over 700 miles of use. Due to the terrain I have not noticed a stiffer ride, and on some of the beach runs I have exceeded 70 MPH, on the desert runs and throught the volcanic rock areas they have been sure footed and ignore on the thorns and stuff.
Reviewed by: Bob R from Baja, Mexico. on 6/24/2011
Pure offroad quality tires
Best tire I've used so far on our 850 acre ranch!
Reviewed by: TJ from Ranch country south Texas. on 4/10/2011
I want to tell everybody if you have any questions about the tires you are thinking about buying contact the folks at Pure Offroad, THEY ARE THE BEST.The tires are great in Mud, Dry Dirt and All Sloppy and Hard Pack Conditions. The only place I am not sure about them is on real rocky conditions due to them being an 8 PLY Tire they ride a little real rough, on the other hand being an 8 PLY Tire they handle AWESOME at all speeds.
Reviewed by: Jim Badjar from New Mexico. on 12/23/2009
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