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Interco Reptile Radial Atv Tires

Interco Reptile Radial Atv Tires
Interco ATV Tires - Interco Reptile ATV Tires

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25x8R-12 [+$92.00]
25x10R-12 [+$102.00]
26x9R-12 [+$105.00]
26x11R-12 [+$115.00]
27x9R-12 [+$114.00]
27x11R-12 [+$124.00]
26x10R-14 [+$114.00]
26x12R-14 [+$126.00]
27x9R-14 [+$114.00]
27x11R-14 [+$124.00]
28x10R-12 [+$135.00]
28x10R-14 [+$135.00]
30x10R-12 [+$140.00]
30x10R-14 [+$137.00]
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Interco Reptile Radial Atv Tires

- In most cases our Interco Reptile ATV Tires ship out same day!
- Interco Atv tires are sold individually.
- Designed with an advanced radial construction that allows for the best ride and superior traction in all conditions..
- 6-ply Radial tire.
- Excellent high and low speed handling.
- 1" tread depth

Reptile ATV Tire Specs

Tire Size Ply Tread Depth
32nds (Inches)
25x8R-12 6 32/32 (1") 22
25x10R-12 6 32/32 (1") 27
26x9R-12 6 32/32 (1") 26
26x11R-12 6 32/32 (1") 30
27x9R-12 6 32/32 (1") 29
27x11R-12 6 32/32 (1") 33
26x10R-14 6 32/32 (1") 29
26x12R-14 6 32/32 (1") 34
27x9R-14 6 32/32 (1") 28
27x11R-14 6 32/32 (1") 34
28x10R-12 6 32/32 (1") 35
28x10R-14 6 32/32 (1") 34.4
30x10R-12 6 32/32 (1") 37.9
30x10R-14 6 32/32 (1") 37
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Reptile Tires
These tires are great.....Great traction in mud, snow, and trails....
Reviewed by: Gary from Georgia. on 2/4/2015
radial reptiles are awsome
I put some on my gator really like them. I will get some more when my foreman needs new tires. Pure offroad 's service was speedy. well done.
Reviewed by: mark from south dakota. on 1/28/2015
Great Tire so far!
I have the 30's on my teryx. I have only 3 rides on them, 100 or so miles, but love them so far. Smooth ride and good traction on all terrian.
Reviewed by: James from West Virginia. on 7/25/2014
Reviewed by: KERRY from NEWTON. on 6/17/2014
Reptile Radial Atv tires
Great tire at a great price,, very smotth ride and great traction.
Reviewed by: mike whitney from souther il. on 5/17/2014
Reptile Tires
I received these tires the next day and they seem like great tires. Very smooth ride and looking forward to testing them out in the mountains soon.
Reviewed by: Doug from Albany, IN. on 3/31/2014
Awesome Tires
My cousin bought a Honda 500 foreman with these tires on it 4 years ago and they are still on it. He has put about 10,000 miles on them and they still have lots of life left. We run our Hondas on a ranch and use our quads every day, (and we use them hard) and every bike now has these tires on them. Awesome Tire!!!!!
Reviewed by: Tyler from Oregon. on 3/3/2014
Interco Reptiles
I purchased Interco Reptiles for the front of my Kawasaki 650 Prairie and they work excellent in the snow. Will be purchasing the rear tires this month. Haven't used them in mud yet but I think they will work very well
Reviewed by: D Kelley from Canada. on 1/5/2014
Interco Reptile Radial Atv Tires
Great tire. Good traction!
Reviewed by: JJ Bolyard from Oakland MD. on 11/12/2013
Good Tires
These are really good tires so far, but I really wish they had the rim guard built in!
Reviewed by: Jeff from Vermont. on 4/2/2013
Excellent Tire
Great All Around tire.Had Interco Vampires before,found little difference in the mud with a much better ride on hard pack.
Reviewed by: Walter from Highgate Vermont. on 3/31/2013
Love 'em!
I have these in the 27" on my 700 Grizzly. Best tire I have owned! Major improvement over the mud lites I had before.
Reviewed by: Timmi from Virginia. on 10/3/2012
Great well made tires
The price held me back for a few days but I wanted a better tire than what my Rhino had on from the company.. Lets say,, the Reptile tires were 2 times the weight of the stock tires. I got 2 sizes larger than stock to gear it up a notch for road use and the newer tires roll so easy,, I cant notice any lack of power over stock.. Worth the extra money,,, Daniel
Reviewed by: Daniel from NW Kansas. on 9/27/2012
Awesome tires!
We went to Tennessee this past weekend. These tires grabbed the mud, rocks and soft sand like nothing I ever saw. I would recommend these to everyone! I was never let down the slightest bit. I went through terrain others in my group wouldn't go through after seeing me go though. They will be getting some of these tires!
Reviewed by: Paul from Weeki Wachee Florida. on 4/30/2012
Superb service, fast shipping & Great tires
These tires are awesome on the street/trails and cant wait to see what they do in the mud. I had mudlites on my rhino prior to these and they were great in the mud but I opted for these radials as I wanted a quiet, perfectly round long lasting tire and the mudlites had none of these qualities.Thanks again Pure Offroad!!!
Reviewed by: Jody from West Columbia, Texas. on 4/7/2012
Great tires, great service
I bought these tires about 4 weeks ago for my Honda Rancher. They ride very well on hard packed surfaces and did well on the trails too. The sales rep was very helpful in helping me find the right tire for the type of riding that I do and the tires arrive the next day.
Reviewed by: Jeff Marwill from Nashville, TN. on 1/4/2012
Have a set of Mud Traxx on one atv, GBC Dirt Devil XT on another and Reptiles on another. The Reptile tires ride much smoother on hard pack and do just as good as the rest in the mud. They stick to rock very well and everything else you put in front of them. Very, Very good tires for any kind of riding situations.
Reviewed by: ALABAMA HUNTER from HUNTSVILLE ALABAMA. on 11/21/2011
Best tires
I have had my ATV for about ten years, and have went through 4 sets of tires, I have had the reptiles on for over a year now and they have been the best in traction and in wear that I have come across. Great Tire for the price
Reviewed by: Ryan from NE OR. on 8/9/2011
Put these on my 2011 King Quad 400. wasn't sure if the 27" reptiles would fit, but they clear with no problems. The not only look great but they perform great too. They clean well in the mud, handle super on dirt and rocks. Look like they will do well in snow too. I'm very happy with this purchase and the guys at pure offroad for all their help.
Reviewed by: Gregory Reid from Gowanda, NY. on 5/17/2011
Reptile Vs. Mudlite = Reptiles Lose
Got these tires on a kit with my new 700 Grizzly purchase. Followed my cousin around on his 500 Forman with 27" ITP Mudlites and he seem to walk thru just about anything much easier than I. Especially in Sand. Repiles seem to dig themselves into a redicament in sand. Overall, Rides awesome, quite, smooth, afterall there radial. More than likely will do what i need them to do. ...
Reviewed by: Bryan from South Lousisiana. on 10/2/2010
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