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Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tires

Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tires
Interco Swamp Lite Atv Tire

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22x11-9 [+$86.00]
25x12-9 [+$98.00]
22x8-10 [+$64.00]
23x8-10 [+$65.00]
22x11-10 [+$89.00]
25x11-10 [+$101.00]
22x7-11 [+$59.00]
25x8-11 [+$77.00]
25x10-11 [+$85.00]
24x8-12 [+$69.00]
25x8-12 [+$79.00]
25x10-12 [+$87.00]
26x9-12 [+$99.00]
26x10-12 [+$104.00]
26x12-12 [+$112.00]
27x9-12 [+$102.00]
27x10-12 [+$112.00]
27x12-12 [+$118.00]
28x10-12 [+$131.00]
29.5x10-12 [+$134.00]
27x9-14 [+$108.00]
27x11-14 [+$114.00]
28x9-14 [+$112.00]
28x11-14 [+$127.00]
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Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tires

- Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tires are sold individually.
- Our Swamp Lite tires generally ship out within 1 business day!
- Tread height varies from 3/4" to 1 1/2" depending on size of tire.
- All terrain tire - mud, snow and hardpack.
- Super strong 6 Ply construction for longer wear and rugged durability!
- Built rim guard protects your wheel from dings and dents while also preventing dirt from wedging between the tire and rim.
- Step-down tread pattern adds to the lug strength, and helps in reverse having more edges to grip terrain.

Swamp Lite Tire Specs

Tire Size Ply Tread Depth
32nds (Inches)
22x11-9 6 32/32 (1") 23
25x12-9 6 24/32 (3/4") 23
22x8-10 6 21/32 (5/8") 14
22x11-10 6 32/32 (1") 23
23x8-10 6 21/32 (5/8") 14
25x11-10 6 32/32 (1") 28
22x7-11 6 21/32 (5/8") 12
25x10-11 6 24/32 (3/4") 22
25x8-11 6 24/32 (3/4") 19
24x8-12 6 24/32 (3/4") 16
25x8-12 6 24/32 (3/4") 19
25x10-12 6 24/32 (3/4") 23
26x12-12 6 36/32 (1 1/8") 31
26x10-12 6 36/32 (1 1/8") 27
26x9-12 6 36/32 (1 1/8") 26
27x9-12 6 40/32 (1 1/4") 27
27x10-12 6 40/32 (1 1/4") 29
27x12-12 6 40/32 (1 1/4") 30
28x10-12 6 50/32 (1 1/2") 38
29.5x10-12 6 50/32 (1 1/2") 38
27x11-14 6 40/32 (1 1/4") 31
27x9-14 6 40/32 (1 1/4") 27
28x9-14 6 50/32 (1 1/2") 29
28x11-14 6 50/32 (1 1/2") 35
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
swamper lites
great price and fast shipping
Reviewed by: steve from 14482. on 1/26/2015
These tires are awesome. A lot of grip to get thru the mud.
Reviewed by: Ed Henderson from Florida. on 1/21/2015
Super Tires
Great tires for the dollar. Great bite in the muddy gumbo in East Texas and super smooth ride on hard surfaces.
Reviewed by: Milton from Houston, Texas. on 1/20/2015
Look Awesome
First off, the lugs on this thing are way bigger than how they appear on the pics. I haven't used them in the trail yet, but i am happy about the way they look, and the unparalleled fast shipping! I ordered on on monday received them on a wednesday!
Reviewed by: Jose from Clayton, NC. on 10/1/2014
Ordered the swamp lites and wheel kit on Monday and received my order on Wednesday! Great customer service and super fast shipping! Cheapest place I found! The tires look awesome! Can't wait to try them out!
Reviewed by: Sarah from Perkinston, MS. on 6/11/2014
Interco Swamp Lites
Bought two sets for my Polaris ATV's. Crawled over the rocks much better than the 15 year old 2 ply Dunlop junk that came stock with the ATV's. We don't see much mud out here, but I have no doubts that they will perform well. First time I rode without having to pick out cactus and slime a flat. Great buy, fast shipping from Pure Offroad.
Reviewed by: Brian from Glendale, AZ. on 6/3/2014
Swamp Lite ATV Tires
I put these on my Kawasaki Prairie 4X4 and it really goes through the mud,river,over the rocks and up the hills without any trouble! Great Tires Get A Set!
Reviewed by: Bill from Clarinda IA.. on 5/29/2014
Swamp Lites
Got the swamp lites to replace the stock tires on my 08 Sportsman X2, and am well pleased with my decision. I researched tires for a week or two, wanted radials but couldn't afford them so read review after review and these got a lot of accolades, so I decided to try them. I have only been able to use them a couple of times, but so far they are awesome! One of my main used for my X2 is plowing snow, and they worked awesome the 2 times I plowed, pushed a lot of wet snow and never had a problem. Traction is amazing, and they clean very well. Can't wait to try them on the trails this spring!
Reviewed by: Tony from Spokane Wa. on 12/25/2013
nice tires
i got new tires for my 2013 polaris for hunting and they work great in mud just need to see if they work good in snow.
Reviewed by: frank schickley from shamokin pa. on 12/8/2013
Interco Swamp Lite
Great value for the $$ on 22X7-11. Mount easy. Good mixed terrain tire with a lean towards loose/wet. Decent cut resistance in rock if you don't push it too far. Great rim dent resistance. FAST shipping!!!
Reviewed by: P-n-P from Pine, AZ. on 10/14/2013
Swamp Lites
First of all shipping is FAST, it's like they start them on their way before you click Check Out! Tires hook great in what I ride; forest loam, red clay, sandy creek bottom soil, & rocky hillsides. Before, I could expect my old tires to spin when pushing extremes, now I have to be very careful to keep the front end down! Tires ride a little stiff but I'd rather have that than butter-thin 2-plys full of plugs.
Reviewed by: Darrell from WV. on 10/5/2013
Swamp lite,great tire,thanks Pure Off Road
Put these 27-12-12 on back of my Polaris Sportsmen 800 along with 27-12-9 on the front,great tire,very aggresive mud slinging tire, I sized up one size and am glad I did,will probably need fender extenders now cuz my wife is now having to dodge the flying mud,HA, she'll get over it, great company to do business with, so glad I clicked on their web site.
Reviewed by: Bruce Wyman from Niceville Florida. on 8/18/2013
Very good tire and quite aggressive
Excellent tire for here in FLorida, very competant in the sandy trails as well as heavy mud . Easy install with my No Mar tire changer...
Reviewed by: Jeffrey Hoffman from Daytona Beach, FL. on 6/30/2013
Mud Lites Are Great!
This is the first time I have purchased tires online. It was very simple and my tires arrived shortly after I ordered them. The price was a lot better than what people wanted around town. The tires are for a 2wd honda. They pull in the mud very well and I did not loose any performance. If anyhing these tires weigh less than my stock ones. Good service, good prices, good prodcuts.
Reviewed by: Cole from Jupiter, FL. on 6/28/2013
Swamp lIte Tires
These Tires are awesome, They have excellent traction and a very smooth ride.
Reviewed by: Louis Ray from Thunder Bay Ont. on 5/30/2013
machine operator
love these tires run them on both of my quads had one flat in four years
Reviewed by: BRAD MOULD from grande cache alberta. on 5/22/2013
Tires look great, I have only had them on for week or so, still to much snow in this part of Canada. Shipping was quick and painless. Picked them up in Minot ND at the UPS store
Reviewed by: Trent from Sask, Canada. on 4/23/2013
Great Tires, Great Price, Great Service
I've found these tires to be the absolute best running through mud, packed dirt or rocky terrain. The hold really well and the ride is smooth. The ordering process with Pure Offroad was extremely easy and I will continue to order the rest of my tires from here.
Reviewed by: Martin Wright from Virginia. on 2/18/2013
Ordered tires on Tues afternoon, shipment arrived on Thurs afternoon. Great, rugged tire for the money!
Reviewed by: R Kincaid from Williamsville. on 12/17/2012
Interco swamp lite, GREAT TIRE!
I bought these tires for my 2007 honda recon and i love them they get the best traction in any condition and look good doing it! My friends i ride with just ordered a set for his recon too! Would definatly recomend to a friend.
Reviewed by: Connie Chandler from Madison, NC. on 11/25/2012
Swamp lite tires
I bought the Swamplite tires about a month ago. Let me say these tires are great!! The handling is a 100% improvement over the stock tires. I put 25 x 10 x 12 on my 2012 Rancher AT I will buy them again when its time to replace them.
Reviewed by: phil c from kentucky. on 11/15/2012
Interco Swamp lite
I bought these tires for my two wheel drive Honda. They are very aggressive tires. My old tires were 3 ply and these are 6 ply. I have ridden them a few times now and highly recommend them. They were a good buy and a good value.
Reviewed by: Ron from Southern ID. on 10/19/2012
I bought a set of 4 Swamp Lite tires for a 1997 Honda Foreman 400. Ordered a 2:00 PM one day and they were out for UPS delivery at 8:00 AM the next day, FAST shipping is a good thing. The 6 ply tires seem to hold up well in rocky terrain, I went elk hunting near Salina, Utah and you can't tell by looking that they were ever on a rough, rocky ATV trail in the Fish Lake National Forest. Great raction in rocks and mud on those trails. Great service and helpful employees at Pure Offroad!
Reviewed by: RRWorker from Texas. on 10/16/2012
put a set of these in 22-11-r10 on my raptor 700. they clean really well allowing my machine to go any where that that a 4wd can go.
Reviewed by: eric from wasilla alaska. on 10/10/2012
I ordered the Swamp Lite tires. I am very happy with Pure Offroad, not only did i get free shipping but the delivery was excellent. My order came very quickly. I will not hesitate to order from them again. Very satisfied with the product as well great all terrain tires.
Reviewed by: Donna Matt from Tennessee. on 8/19/2012
We use our Atvs daily on our ranches and the very quick service and shipping was excellent. For good service, quick shipping, and good pricing I recommend using this company for we sure will.
Reviewed by: Watt Ranches from Elbert , Co. on 8/16/2012
THESE TIRES DIG!!!!! They do very good on sand, dirt, and mud. Like I said they dig huge ruts if get them spinning.
Reviewed by: Joshua Thompson from gulf coast. on 5/28/2012
Swamp lite tires
Very good all around tire. I put them on a 2009 can am renegade 800.
Reviewed by: Brian from Racine Wisconsuin. on 5/6/2012
swamp lites
Great tire, good looks plus it pulls great in mud, sand, & is smooth on hard pack. Great all around tire that will still dig you out of trouble.
Reviewed by: johnie mcqueen from dry ridge, ky. on 3/3/2012
Excellent tires, so much traction I've got to downshift to get more power. I noticed that turning is easier. Ride is a little stiffer but I assume that is because of being 6 ply compared to 2 ply that was on there before. Great tire, thanks.
Reviewed by: Doug from Nebraska. on 3/1/2012
Awesome Shipping From PureOffroad
Have these tires in a 26x9x12 front and 26x12x12 rear on my Fourtrax 300 and love them. Also have 27x12x12 on my Suzuki 500 4x4 and you can't stop it. Most of the time LOL Ordered my tires on Tue. morning around 9am got them Wed. night. Fastest shipping I have every had. And it's FREE. Thanks PureOffroad Will order again
Reviewed by: Jay Fitch from North Carolina. on 2/22/2012
Great buy
Purchase two 22x8-10 swamp lite atv tires. Great tire for the money, excellent thread for good tracktion. Fast shipping, great seller. Five star, rating..
Reviewed by: bob couture from Ontario canada. on 1/29/2012
Awesome Tires
Great tires! Fast delivery!
Reviewed by: Lennert Steffen from TX. on 1/25/2012
best tires ever
I now have swamp lite tires on two of my atvs. I live in town and move snow with my atvs and the tread design really grips the streets and sidewalks. We also go trail riding on the weekends and the tread will rip though anything. The best feature of the tread design is the stairstep on the back side of the lugs. In the swampy mud if you spin out all you do is throw the atv in reverse and the stairstep tread will lift you up and out of your hole.
Reviewed by: scott from iowa. on 1/15/2012
Swamp Lite Tires
Satisfied completely with the product! Fastest international shipping I have ever had and immediate response to all questions! Will deal again in the future for sure. Thanks Pure Offroad!!!
Reviewed by: Adam from Kelowna BC Canada. on 12/28/2011
Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tires
These tires are great. The price is low and they are the best atv tires I've ever seen. They have a very deep and aggressive tread and will without doubt get you through any terrain. I ordered them on a Monday night and they were at my house Wednesday night. I cannot say a bad thing about Pure Offroad or their service. Their prices are fair and their shipping is fast, and free on orders over $100. I will definitely order these tires and other atv parts from them again.
Reviewed by: Michael Bantell from Pennsylvania. on 11/24/2011
Swamp lite tires
Great looking tires, fast shipping
Reviewed by: Brent from Chattanooga. on 10/25/2011
28" swamp lights
Great tire! the 28's have 1.77" lugs. Great in mud and hard pack. Fast Delivery! from Received within 2 days of ordering with standard shipping!
Reviewed by: Charlie from Southeast Texas. on 10/20/2011
great tire for rock crewlin
took them to the rubicon worked better then i thought they would. at 5 psi they got the job done i have a 2012 xp 900. very happy
Reviewed by: bill from ca. on 10/10/2011
A++++++ fast shiping
Reviewed by: chris quagliano from a town. on 10/9/2011
Interco Swamp Lite tires
This is the second set of these tires I have purchased. The first set was for my Prairie 360 and the second set for my son's Honda Rancher. The tires are great, they offer a great ride, do well in mud, look great, overall they are everything we want in a ATV tire. We research everything before we buy and everything we read about these tires has been proven true with us. The folks at Pure Off Road are great to work with, very knowledgeable, and they ship super fast!
Reviewed by: Donna from Zack's Towing Jonesville, NC. on 10/4/2011
good tires
I had a lot of tire in my day . THe best tire i ever had ? Good in mud ,hard,dirt,for all good job .....
Reviewed by: pad strang from Lawn NL Canada. on 9/16/2011
swamp lite tires
love the tire , good lite tire with good grip
Reviewed by: Billy Ragain from Gilmer Tx. on 9/6/2011
Swamp lite tires
Great product.Good price.Prompt service.Fast delivery.
Reviewed by: N.Baker from Tennessee. on 8/11/2011
28" swamp lights
a very great mud tire I put them on my polaris 850 and its like a tank it cant be stop the lug is about 1 to 2in deep.Great tire
Reviewed by: Devin from lumberton north carolina. on 8/11/2011
Ordered 29.5s Sunday night and got them today (Tuesday) the best shipping I have ever dealt with and some of the best prices
Reviewed by: Anthony Howard from south carolina. on 7/26/2011
Swamplite review
I purchased 27/11/14 & 27/9/14 tires 6 months ago and have put about 400 miles on them. These will get you out of any mud hole and work great in the snow. Also very pleased with the ride. The biggest problem I have had is I have torn 3 different sidewalls. I can't take it anymore, I'm shopping for something different.
Reviewed by: Rich from Pittsburgh. on 6/26/2011
THE BEST MERCHANDISE, THE BEST PRICES, THE FASTEST SHIPPING, AND THE NICEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have ordered 2 times and been extremely pleased both times.
Reviewed by: David Blevins from Kernersville, NC. on 5/18/2011
Pure Offroad Interco swamp lite
I bought a pair of these tires and I am very happy with them. I put them on the front of my Yamaha timberwolf, not a heavy machine but these tires really supply some traction when it gets ugly out. Most of all I have to say working with the customer service people here was the most pleasant experience I've ever had while ordering anything over the 'net. I would say not to hesitate to order anything from this company, they have a lifelong customer in me now.
Reviewed by: Matt McDonald from New York. on 4/25/2011
These tires are awesome I put 26-10-12s on the back and 9-12s on the front of my 400 can-am theyre one size bigger than stock and with the 1.125 inch tread taller too but fit perfect they go through everything snow rocks mud Theres nothing they wont go through or over only down side is that you need youre momentum in the thick mudd or loose soil cause they will not stop diggin would not recommend puttin them on anything less than a 500cc wheeler as they ar a heavyier and more agressive tire
Reviewed by: chuck leibold from brainerd MN. on 4/22/2011
So far have been great tires. installed on honda foreman. good bite in mud, rocks, and ride good on trails. shipping was fast, arrived in 2 days.highly recommend.
Reviewed by: Bobby Woosley from Lancaster, Ky. on 4/19/2011
Just what I needed!
After 200 miles, alot of them in deep water and mud, I'm very pleased with the tires and the bite. Went a size taller than stock and they fit good. Smooth ride at higher speeds on the gravel roads too. So far a very good choice.
Reviewed by: Cory Feistner from South Dakota. on 4/17/2011
Great Tires
These have been great tires. They seem to handle the rocks very well, plus they just dig right through the mud and are still fairly smooth on the trails. Shipping was very quick and service is excellent. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by: Russell Medack from Houston, TX. on 4/11/2011
Great tires!!!
These tires are great! They run, ride and wear great in the rough rocky mountains of Colorado. Awesome traction, use them on both my quads in the front and they never get stuck. Great tires!
Reviewed by: Stan Remley from Colorado. on 4/7/2011
Great tire
i have 22X11X9's on my kfx 400 (changed the gearing to 13-42) and it works awesome. great bite in sand, mud, wet snow and i can still power slide a lot too :) they actually ride quite well on the road as-well, and don't seem to be wearing that quickly. i have also had mudlites but i recommend these ones.
Reviewed by: Dutch from Ridgetown. on 12/31/2010
interco tires
Was concerned about the aggressive tread design, but after riding on all terain, tires turned out to be the best I have ever had. Would buy again.
Reviewed by: m macina from shamrock tx.. on 7/22/2010
Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tires
The tire was a great purchase, it was exactly what i expected it to be. They ride smooth and have no trouble getting through the mud. over all its a great choice:]
Reviewed by: Dylan from Acworth, GA. on 4/13/2010
swamp lite tires
great tires and great service these tires really hook and dig to find traction and everything that pureoffroad had helped me with was great from ording to when they would be delivered to my door i can t say enough except buy these tires i would suggest the taller lug ones if you could swing it
Reviewed by: jim from painesville ohio. on 3/6/2010
New Satisfied Customer
Received my order last nite [10/12] after ordering late last Thursday [10/08]. Great service & great pricing. It's interesting I, a LA resident, received the best deal on a tire MADE in LA from a retailer in Utah... I will look to you again...
Reviewed by: James from Baton Rouge, LA. on 10/13/2009
I like these tires more each day
they bite great and ride smooth.I was not dissapointed .
Reviewed by: jack arrant from south east texas. on 10/7/2009
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