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STI Black Diamond XTR Radial ATV Tires, D.O.T.

STI Black Diamond XTR Radial ATV Tires, D.O.T.
STI Black Diamond Radial ATV Tires

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Item Id: XT-STBD
Your Price: varies by size
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25x8R-12 [+$96.00]
25x10R-12 [+$106.00]
26x9R-12 [+$112.00]
26x10R-12 [+$118.00]
26x11R-12 [+$125.00]
26x12R-12 [+$133.00]
27x9R-12 [+$122.00]
27x11R-12 [+$128.00]
26x9R-14 [+$117.00]
26x11R-14 [+$118.00]
27x9R-14 [+$112.00]
27x11R-14 [+$124.00]
26x9R-15 [+$112.00]
26x11R-15 [+$119.00]
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STI Black Diamond XTR ATV tires

- STI Black Diamond tires are sold individually.
- Our STI tires generally ship out within 1 business day!
- Delivering crossover performance at a value price!
- A perfect tire for all seasons.
- Innovative V tread pattern bridges the gap between soft mud/snow/sand and hardpack surface performance.
- Unique over-center tread elements provide a smooth, controlled ride on hardpack, while offering excellent clean-out in soft conditions.
- Specifically developed 6-ply radial carcass delivers the stability needed for UTV applications, while retaining the plush ride characteristics favored by ATV riders.
- Radial construction
- 1 1/8" tread depth
- 6 ply

Black Diamond XTR Specs

Tire Size Ply Tread Depth
25x8R-12 6 1 1/8" 22.7
25x10R-12 6 1 1/8" 26.2
26x10R-12 6 1 1/8" 28.2
26x12R-12 6 1 1/8" 32.0
27x9R-12 6 1 1/8" 28.7
27x11R-12 6 1 1/8" 31.1
26x9R-14 6 1 1/8" 27.8
26x11R-14 6 1 1/8" 28.7
27x9R-14 6 1 1/8" 26.7
27x11R-14 6 1 1/8" 30.4
26x9R-15 6 1 1/8" 25.8
26x11R-15 6 1 1/8" 28.7
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Amazing service!
I haven't had a chance to try my wheel/tires out yet, but wanted to give a review for Pure Offroads service. I was amazed at the customer service lady's helpfulness and willingness to help out. Then the following day my tires were on the front porch, wow fast delivery! Pure Offroad has service that is second to none!
Reviewed by: Roger from Indiana. on 4/8/2015
The Best
Got em quick and they are awesome
Reviewed by: Roberto from Tahoe. on 1/17/2015
50" RzR Tires
Put these tires, along with new MSA M23 wheels, on all 4 corners of my RzR with the intent of maintaining the 50" width, gaining some additional ground clearance and having the ability to rotate the tires. The 27x9x14 run a little on the small size, about 26 1/2" tall at 7 psi but I was told that by STI in advance so not a problem. Very happy with their performance so far. Great service from Pure offroad!
Reviewed by: oldbiker from Western Colorado. on 11/22/2014
1st time Pure Offroad customer
1st thing, awesome delivery, 2 days free shipping!! I've had 1 full ride so far and the tire work great. the hill climb traction is excellent yet i could break the back tires loose arround corners when ever i wanted to at high speed.
Reviewed by: Steve Wilcox from Conneaut Ohio. on 10/14/2014
Great Tires
does the job!!!
Reviewed by: Bill from Michigan. on 9/7/2014
great traction
I have these tires on my Arctic Cat Prowler and they have taken me places others won't go. In the snow I seem to be able to stop and start out again where others can't go even if they take a run at the hill. On soft loose dirt I drop the tires down to 6 psi and I can't be stopped. Thanks STI. I wish this tire was made in a 28.5 or even a 30 inch.
Reviewed by: kurt from las vegas, nv. on 6/17/2014
Pure Offroad
I do not write reviews but I have to about this company, not the product. The DOT approved tires are just what I expected and bought four all total, two front and two back for my ATV. I give the company a full five star rating for processing my order on a Monday afternoon and had them delivered to my garage in two days. That's amazing and I had them mounted before 6:00 PM EST that same day. I will never hesitate to do business with this company. Top marks! Best regards; Jim Byrne
Reviewed by: James from Coopersville, MI. on 6/10/2014
Awesome tire!!!!
I have had these tires for about 5 months now on my 850XP and they are great! Living in Michigan we run into all kinds of trail conditions from snow, mud, sand and rocks and these tires have way out performed my expectations. Nice aggressive lugs but they won't shake your teeth out when going down hard pack and clean out very well. Excellent abrasion resistance, highly recommend, great all around performing tire. I guess if I had one small complaint about them I wish STI would make them in a 30" tire. These are the 2nd set of wheels and tires I have purchased from pureoffroad and these guys are awesome to deal with! Fast shipping, mounted and ready to bolt on.
Reviewed by: Steve from Michigan . on 5/27/2014
bad assed tires
These tires are amazing.The tread is very aggressive but not bumpy and not noisy.When I first put them on I took them for a high speed blacktop run, very smooth. On the trail,spring time Idaho, you hit it all. mud snow gunk and washed out rock. in every situation they handled excellently. Highly recommend them.
Reviewed by: dutch from Coeur D' Alene, Idaho. on 5/10/2014
Good tires!!
I put them threw snow,mud,sand, and rock crawling and perfomed very well. Hi speed on my xp 900 is excellent! Cant give 5 stars because they are not true to size. mine measure 26in on my 27x11x12.
Reviewed by: Abram from New Mexico. on 3/10/2014
Black Diamond XTR is awesome
I've got 900 miles on these tires now and they still look new. I've ridden plenty of rocky terrain, some shallow mud holes, snow covered trails and loose gravel trails, these tires perform awesome! They also have excellent cornering bite too.
Reviewed by: Ryan from Colorado. on 7/24/2013
UTV Owner
I ordered on line 4 ST1 Black Dimaond ATV tires. Tires were shipped exactly as stated by Pure Offroad. I have riden a couple of really rocky trails. The new tires replaced the factory installed tires. The tires performance EXCEEDED any expectation I had. I am extremely happy with the decisio to buy from Pure Offroad and the ST1 Black Diamond ATV tires.
Reviewed by: Ward Jennings from Mesa, AZ . on 3/27/2013
These are incredible tires
These tires are incredible they grab the mud and sail right through... great price well worth it ..
Reviewed by: james from NY. on 3/3/2013
Great Buy
Tires ride great on hard-pack and do well in the mud as well. The lugs are significantly bigger than they appear in the photos. Slightly heavy though
Reviewed by: Edward B from Louisiana. on 2/24/2013
The product was delivered in one week and the price was very reasonable.
Reviewed by: george from new river arizona. on 1/10/2013
Very aggressive tire, smooth on dirt roads. Great tire.
Reviewed by: Jay Docheff from Longmont, Colorado. on 12/11/2012
Owner 2012 Rhino
Great tires on smoother surfaces. Better ride tha OEM tires.
Reviewed by: Jerry Moss from Newnan Ga.. on 9/16/2012
Black Diamond xtr radial atv ires
The tire is very aggressive, yet its smooth on pavement. The tire is also quiet on the road as well.
Reviewed by: David Barlog from 30800 avondale Madison Heights, Mi 48071. on 5/28/2012
quinton public schools
we do alot of riding in the mountains and have been really pleased with these tires id recommend them to anyone. We have truely put them thru the test.
Reviewed by: carol lovell from mccurtain ok 74944. on 4/10/2012
My first set is on my Rubicon with over 1500 miles on them and my second set went on my 2012 Polaris 550 Touring. The steering response is quick and precise with exceptioanl lateral control; something I find most tires lack. The tires are aggressive in mud, snow and they love rock crawling. So far the best overall tires I have had and these are my 9th set of tires. These are great high performance tires and take a beating.
Reviewed by: Kenny from Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort Marysvale Utah. on 1/11/2012
great tires
I put a set of 26x10x12s and 26x12x12 on a 800 Outlander on sti hd2 rims. Tires run true to size, look great, fairly aggressive tread. Tires stick well to rocks, no problems with 8 10 inches of mud, seem to do well on hard pack. Blow sand is a little different story. In my opinion better than the set of interco reptiles I have on my rzr s. Ill write another review when I get 500-1000 miles on them but so far great tires!
Reviewed by: kyle from southern IL. on 1/10/2012
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