12 or 14 Inch ATV / UTV Wheels, what's the difference?

What's the difference between 12 and 14 inch wheels? Is there an advantage of using one over the other? These are some of the most frequently asked questions our customers have when purchasing a new set of ATV rims. We've decided to write a brief explanation about the two and post pictures so you can feel better about making your purchase.
12 inch ATV Wheels 14 inch ATV Wheels
Sample of 12 inch rims on a Yamaha Rhino
(12 inch MSA M5 Tork Wheels)
Sample of 14 inch Rims on a Yamaha Rhino
(14 inch MSA M5 Tork Wheels)

As you can see from the sample pictures above, the main difference between the two types of wheels is obviously the size. 12 inch rims are 12 inches in diameter. 14 inch rims are 14 inches in diameter. The 12 inch is the more common traditional look that you've seen on ATV's for many years. The 14 inch are more hip, more fancy, more bling bling. They stand out a little more and give your ATV/UTV a flashy appearance. Aside from the looks check out some pros and cons we've compiled.

12 inch ATV Wheel Pros and Cons   14 inch ATV Wheel Pros and Cons
- less expensive
- more tire options
- smoother ride
- can be used with stock tires on most full size ATVs / UTVs

- more commonly used by riders (your wheels will look the same as most other riders on the trails)
- most aftermarket 12 inch wheels are only available in one size. 12x7
- stand out from the crowd
- looks awesome!
- increases handling. (less rubber on tire makes cornering better)
- increases quads value (more desirable for many)
- many are available in 2 widths. 6 or 7 inch wide fronts and 8 inch wide rears.

- more expensive
- less tire options
- roughens up ride slightly (less sidewall = less rubber to absorb bumps)

When it all boils down to it the two most important things to consider when making a purchase are: 1st - What can you afford? 2nd -Which looks better in your opinion?
Aside from price and a few minor pros and cons there isn't a whole lot of difference. Most ATVs come stock with 12 inch rims so if you have an ATV with stock tires that are still in good shape then you might want to go with 12 inch rims so you can mount your stock tires on them and get your use out of them. If your tires are shot and need to be replaced anyways maybe you'll go with 14's just to mix it up a little and make your quad that much better looking. Either way we support your decision and are here to help you take the plunge and bust out your credit card. Browse our huge ATV Wheel selection and let us know if we can help you with your purchase. 877-852-2314

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