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The ATV tires within this category are all available in the selected size; 25x10-12. The numbers 25-10-12 represent the dimensions of the tire. The first number is the height, the second number is the width & the third number is the diameter of rim that it will fit on. The width of the rim is not as important to know. As long as the width of the tire is greater than the width of the rim they should mount together just fine. You can usually go up at least 1 size from your stock tire sizes without having any problems, both in height and width. Contact us if you need some help.

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ITP Terracross R/T XD Radial ATV Tires

Average Rating(4)
ITP Mud Lite XTR Radial ATV Tires

Average Rating(7)
ITP Mud Lite AT ATV Tires

Average Rating(13)
Maxxis Bighorn Radial Atv Tires

Average Rating(27)
Kenda Bear Claw Atv Tires

Average Rating(29)
Kenda Executioner Atv Tires

Average Rating(12)
Kenda Atv Tubes

Average Rating(1)
ITP Mud Lite XL ATV Tires

Average Rating(13)
Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tires

Average Rating(87)
Super Grip Super Light AT Atv Tires

Average Rating(3)
Super Grip Super Light DL Atv Tires

Average Rating(1)
Super Grip Shredder Atv Tires

Average Rating(6)
GBC Dirt Devil ATV Tires

Average Rating(27)
Carlisle 489 AT Atv Tires

Average Rating(13)
Kenda Klaw XC K533 Rear Atv Tires

Average Rating(0)
GBC Dirt Commander ATV Tires

Average Rating(24)
Maxxis Zilla Atv Tires

Average Rating(43)
GBC Grim Reaper Radial ATV Tires

Average Rating(58)
Interco Reptile Radial Atv Tires

Average Rating(33)
Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Radial Atv Tires

Average Rating(34)
CST Ancla ATV Tires

Average Rating(19)
CST Abuzz ATV Tires

Average Rating(2)
Maxxis Ceros Radial Atv Tires

Average Rating(11)
Kenda Pathfinder ATV Tires

Average Rating(3)
Kenda Road Go ATV Tires

Average Rating(1)
Kenda Speed Racer ATV Tires

Average Rating(1)
ITP Mayhem ATV Tires

Average Rating(3)
Kenda Bear Claw HTR ATV Tires

Average Rating(14)
Interco Black Mamba Lite ATV Tires

Average Rating(3)
STI Roctane XD Radial ATV Tires

Average Rating(10)
RP Spartan 12-Ply Run Flat Tires

Average Rating(9)
STI Outback Tires AT, XT, and XLT

Average Rating(2)
Maxxis Mud Bug ATV Tires, M961 & M962

Average Rating(1)
Duro Power Grip Radial ATV Tires

Average Rating(2)
DWT Moapa Run Flat 12 Ply ATV Tires

Average Rating(6)
CST Wild Thang ATV Tires, CU05 & CU06

Average Rating(8)
Douglas Moapa ATV Tires, 6 Ply

Average Rating(0)
Tusk TriloBite ATV Tires

Average Rating(3)
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