American Trails Padded Bottom ATV BagWe've recently been testing an American Trails ATV bag. American Trails offers an entire line of atv bags for adventure or utility. We specifically used the ATV Padded Bottom Bag. This particular model mounts on the rear rack of your ATV. We used the product on a Honda Rubicon and the bag fit nicely on the rack and was securely mounted throughout various rocky rides. One of the coolest features of the American Trails lineup is that their ATV bags are designed without zippers. We packed our bag full of straps, water, extra clothing, recovery and survival gear because you never know what you’ll come up against. The padded bottom bag stayed securely closed and gear remained dry in the wet conditions – just what we wanted. The American Trails padded bottom bag has a padded seat for resting at senic overlooks and features a large rear compartment and two side compartments that serve as arm rests as well.  Two detachable water bottle holders are also included with the bag and attach to the front of the side compartments. There are also bungee cord lacing across the top of the side compartments for light weight bulkier items like a jacket.

Overall I was impressed with the bag. It’s rigid sidewalls help retain it’s shape even when loaded with lots of gear. The zipperless design is great. It has a large overlap around the lid and a nylon strap and buckle keep the lid secure. These ATV bags are easy to install and easy to remove if you need to. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a less expensive alternative that is easier to install or remove than the traditional hard plastic or fiberglass type ATV Cargo boxes.

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