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The type of trailers we offer for sale are the 2nd type.  We carry small trailers with large capacities that are designed to be pulled around with an ATV. We are very proud of the trailers we offer because we know they are second to none in quality.  We don't want to sell cheap flimsy trailers that can't handle a load or aren't functional.  Which is about all you can find when you go to your local stores shopping for ATV trailers.  In fact, I experienced that very thing when shopping for a trailer for myself which is why I was inspired to hunt down a quality brand of trailer that we could offer to our customers.  During my lengthy search for a trailer with real tires, a real hitch for a 2" ball, and a carrying capacity of more than 800 lbs. I came across the brand Equinox.  It was actually my dad that referred me to them.  He found one online recently and has been thrilled with it.  He uses his quad like another piece of equipment on the farm so he needed a heavy-duty trailer that could haul loads of rock, dirt, hay, firewood etc... Equinox is a Canadian company that specializes in ATV trailers and toboggans for snowmobiles. We have teamed up with them to offer their products in the USA.  We are making every effort to distribute their trailers in the states because we know how good their product really is and we'd like to get their name out there.  There are very few trailers out there that offer what Equinox trailers offer.  Just to give you an idea, their least expensive trailer (the Grizzly) has a carrying capacity of 1200 lbs. and it features a dumping bed, real rubber tires, and a 2" hitch.  Here is a picture of the grizzly trailer:   Equinox makes several different styles of trailers to meet the needs of any job.  The grizzly is their starter trailer and their top of the line trailer would be the Explorer XL4 which has double axles and the ability to carry 2000 lbs. We also offer several accessories to go along with your new trailer like a gas can carrier or a quality canvas cover.  The explorer xl4 is super heavy-duty and we recommend using a UTV or a large ATV to pull it around when it's loaded down.  Pulling an ATV trailer can be dangerous because the weight of the trailer combined with the weight of the cargo you are hauling can be hard to slow down when going downhill. We recommend referring to your owner's manual to find out how much weight your ATV or UTV can safely tow.  We know as well as anybody that buying an ATV trailer is a large purchase and that our Equinox trailers are not cheap.  It would not be hard to find a trailer for less money but the old saying "you get what you pay for" could never be more true when it comes to ATV wagons.  There are several out there that are much cheaper in price but the quality is hardly there.  Most of the department store wagons we've looked at can only carry around 400-800 lbs. and they don't have any of the features our equinox trailers have that make them so sturdy. Check out our trailers and we're sure you'll find one that will help you get the job done.

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