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Tire & Wheel Kits

ATV tires and wheels are the best accessory you can buy to improve your ATV's appearance and performance. An ATV with aftermarket wheels and tires looks way better then the boring stock look that many people settle for. It's funny that just a simple improvement like replacing your wheels or tires can dramatically change the way your ATV looks and rides. We're certain that it will give your quad a whole new look which will make you more excited to ride. You will spend more time out in the hills flipping up mud and less time stressing about how your ATV looks like a wimp with its stock rubbers. The bond between you and your ATV will be strengthened and your wife/husband will have to put up a fight to win you back. Follow our simple 3 step process to pick out your new tire and wheel kit. And the best part of all, you can build it the way you want it!

Custom build your ATV Tire & Wheel Kit

ATV Tire & Wheel Kits
  What you should know  
  - We let you build your own kit with any tire & wheel combination  
  - Valve Stems Center Caps & Lug Nuts included  
  -Free Mounting, Free Shipping, Great Price  
  3 Steps for building your kit  
  1) Pick out your wheels, add them to your cart  
  2) Pick out your tires, add them to your cart  
  3) We'll mount them and ship them to you ready to go with lug nuts, valve stems and center caps.  


STEP 1 - Choose your ATV wheels

Pick which rim size you want, we have 12 through 20 inch sizes available.
12 inch ATV Wheels 14 inch ATV and UTV Wheels 15 inch ATV Wheels 16 inch UTV Wheels
12 inch ATV Wheels 14 inch ATV Wheels 15 inch ATV Wheels 16 inch ATV Wheels
17 inch ATV Wheels 18 inch ATV Wheels 20 inch UTV Wheels  
17 inch Wheels 18 inch Wheels 20 Inch Wheels  
>> What's the difference between 12" & 14" wheels?

STEP 2 - Choose your ATV tires

Choose which size of tires you'd like to mount on your rims. OEM sizes for my ATV?
23" ATV Tires 23" tires for 12" wheels 30" ATV Tires 29" tires for 14" Wheels

29" tires for 15" wheels

29" tires for 16" wheels

25" ATV Tires

25" tires for 12" wheels

30" ATV Tires

30" tires for 12" wheels

30" tires for 14" wheels

30" tires for 15" wheels

30" tires for 16" wheels

30" tires for 17" wheels

26" ATV Tires

26" tires for 12" wheels

26" tires for 14" wheels

26" tires for 15" wheels

31" ATV Tires

31" tires for 14" wheels

31" tires for 15" wheels

27" ATV Tires

27" tires for 12" wheels

27" tires for 14" wheels

27" tires for 15" wheels

32 inch ATV Tires

32" tires for 14" wheels

32" tires for 15" wheels

32" tires for 17" wheels

32" tires for 18" wheels

28" ATV Tires

28" tires for 12" wheels

28" tires for 14" wheels

28" tires for 15" wheels

33 inch UTV Tires 33" tires for 15" wheels
    33 inch UTV Tires 35" tires for 14" wheels
35" tires for 15" wheels

ATV Tire Mounting Info

Most Often, we can mount and ship your tires & wheels within 1 business day! We have multiple warehouses across the U.S. where our products are stocked and shipped from. We make every effort to keep our inventory up so we can mount & ship your tire and wheel kits ASAP. When we process your order, if all tires & wheels are available in the same warehouse we will mount and ship them quickly. (1-5 business days for delivery)

Occasionally, the wheels & tires you've ordered may not all be in stock at the same warehouse. In this case we will contact you and give you the following 2 options:
1) We can ship them to you loose and you can get them mounted yourself. (this option will allow you to receive your items faster)
2) Or we can show you some different Tire/Wheel combinations that are in stock at the same location that we can mount for you.

If your order is urgent, give us a call to check availability. 877-852-2314
**Center Caps and Lug Nuts are included with all tire and wheel kit purchases.