Corral Creek Lake Ride
A few weeks ago we spent a saturday riding up in the area and I snapped a shot of my bike next to the lake.  I figured I'd share the beauty with all of you.  I should have taken more photos of the ride but I rarely remember to get out the camera.  Corral Creek Lake can be accessed from a few different routes.  Each trail has a lot of rocks, river crossings, a few logs to hop and some tight technical spots.  The lake is nestled up in the top of the mountains with large cliffs surrounding half of it.  We should have packed in our fishing poles but I didn't expect to make it to the lake yet.  There's usually snow that keeps us out of there until mid July.  Now you know where to find us if we aren't sitting at our desks running the website.  By the way, if you want to sport some Pure Offroad graphics on your bike just let us know. We can order them for most makes/models for around $65.

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