One of the newly released tires by GBC (Greenball Corporation) is the Spartacus. The Spartacus atv tires are one of the few 8 ply radial atv tires on the market. As described by GBC, “The Spartacus is a new performance ATV tire specifically designed to conquer mud and other tough terrains. You can be confident because Spartacus’ aggressive tread design delivers superior traction while the radial 8-ply rated carcass construction puts more rubber on the ground for a larger footprint and a smoother, more comfortable ride.” GBC has stepped up their game with the release of these new atv tires. We look forward to putting these tires to the test and see how they perform through a variety of terrains. With the reputation GBC has already established for themselves, we have pretty high expectations for these new atv tires. We now carry the Spartacus tires on our website.  To make a purchase or for more information on the Spartacus Atv Tires click here!

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