The idea behind Pure Offroad was to provide the customer with the highest quality offroad equipment at the lowest price.  We hope we are doing a good job at accomplishing that goal.  What we didn't plan on doing was starting a fashion style.  The Pure Offroad logo was designed early on and we decided it would be cool to make a shirt with it to show off where people could get some cheap tires.  Now it has become an icon in the offroad enthusiast world.  

Everywhere you go you see Pure Offroad apparel.  It is next to impossible to find POR clothes on the store shelf.  There is a long list of back orders.  Well, our shirts may not have quite that much popularity right now.  Who know though, in 10 years this whole blog could be true.  By any means, we here to tell the official Pure Offroad tee is available and you can get your POR shirt right now for only $10.  You better act now before it's too late.
Pure Offroad T-Shirt

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