I was recently on the Racer X website.  I was going through their articles and found an article about hydration.  The article talks a little about the body and how it works while you're riding and then it describes what you need to do to stay properly hydrated before, during and after a work out.  You actually need a lot more water than I realized.  It would be a big hassle if you had to carry all that water around in a loose water bottle that can fall at anytime during a ride.  

That's the whole reason they invented hydration packs.  Hydration packs are the easiest way to carry the liquids that you need.  They fit like any other backpack would and they give you easy access to clean water instantly.  It can be rather hard to find good water when you're out trail riding and it gets even more complicated when you try to carry it with.  If you have a hydration pack on you don't have to worry about any of that.

MXRx has been working on bettering the hydration system as we know it.  They have come up with a system that will work in any situation.  The three MXRx hydration packs that we have on the site are can be divided into three sizes: small, medium and large.
Hydration Systems
The first hydration system is the MXRx "The Droplet".  It comes with the standard 70 oz bladder for holding water.  This is our smaller pack.  It has enough space for the bladder and two small front mesh pockets.  This works great for lightweight water carrying.  The next bigger system is the MXRx "The Tank" system.  This back has the same 70 oz bladder but also features more storage space.  If you're looking for a pack that can hold a 70 oz bladder and all the tools and snacks that you need then the MXRx "Desert Springs" is your answer.  Any one of these packs will work for you.  The big decision here is how many other things you want to carry.

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