New 12 Ply Run Flat Tire from DWT, The Mojave
If getting a flat tire has ever been an issue for you than you can understand how great it would be to have tires that would run without any air.  Lucky for us there are a couple of Tire manufacturers out there that understand this and DWT is one of them. DWT is now offering 2 tires with the 12 ply run flat technology.  For the past couple of years we have offered the DWT Moapa run flats and they've been a huge success!  DWT has just released the Mojave (Moja-V) and we are now stocking and shipping these bad boys. The Mojave is designed for hard-packed terrain.  They offer a nice smooth and relatively quiet ride on hard-packed surfaces and they feature a nice contact to the ground for excellent traction.  The Mojave has been tested by an extreme rider named Bryan Mccormick and this is what he had to say about them, "Awesome tire guys! .. these Moja-V's provided awesome contact patch perfect for the hard-packed track we had that weekend!"

You can view and purchase these great tires here: Mojave Run Flat


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