Beadlock ATV Wheels

This fall Motosport Alloys is releasing a new addition to their line of utility ATV wheels.  The M16 Vice Beadlock.  It will be available in 14×7 in the following bolt patterns: 4/110, 4/137, 4/156.  We are confident this will be a popular wheel due to the excellent price (compared to other beadlocks on the market) and due to the awesome design that it offers.  We have a few pics of this wheel mounted up on a RZR and they look great! Click on the image gallery on our website to view them.  There’s nothing else like them on the market today.  Motosport Alloys has a very impressive lineup of Utility ATV Wheels and this M16 Vice fits right in.  We are now accepting pre-orders on this wheel.  We expect to have them in stock some time in November of 2010.  Here is a link for more details and to make a purchase:

Benefits of Beadlock ATV Wheels

- Clamps the tire’s bead to the wheel rim using mechanical force rather than air pressure
- If a tire goes flat from a puncture or sidewall cut, it will not come off the bead, which usually will allow you to still maintain control of the vehicle and drive slowly to your destination
- Lowering the air pressure will allow the contact patch area to become wider and larger. This will provide you with better traction, floatation, control and a smoother ride
- A beadlock wheel can offer added assurance similar to a spare wheel and tire in the case of a flat tire.
- They will help keep the rim from spinning inside the tire and can stiffen up the sidewall of the tire while riding with low air pressure.

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