Nuetech TUbliss system
I'm not sure if you've heard about the Nuetech Tubliss system.  It is slowly taking over the dirt bike community.  This tubeless system gives you so much and requires so little.  It's made to help you ride as hard as you want without worrying about getting a flat or pinching your tube.  The design is quite ingenious and has virtually no downside.

This system is one of the easiest to install.  I have had a little experience with tubeless tires and I haven't really been too satisfied.  I have to say, the Tubliss is different from what we've seen before.  The design has a red liner with a rim lock attached and a black inner bladder that sit in the rim to give you a bead securely seated in the rim.  I have to add, it is recommended that you install the Tubliss system with a new tire.  The red liner actually makes a seal with the inside of the tire and if you are running an older tire there is a chance that the bead has been damaged by the rim and will not seal properly.  This being said, there is almost nothing that can keep the seal from being broken with this system.

How this all works is quite simple.  You throw the black tube into the red liner and line up the rim lock on the liner and the valve stem on the tube.  Once you have that set up, you insert the system in the rim, lining up the valve stem and rim lock, obviously.  Now you can use the tire guide plate and run your tire in the rim, being careful not to damage anything.  You inflate the tube to 10-15 psi and you can inflate your tire to whatever pressure you need.  If you did it right and don't see any leaks, you're ready to go.  If you have any questions about installation you can check out the installation video and pdf instructions that Nuetech offers.

Now that you know how to set it up I am going to go over the benefits quickly.  
  • You get a tire that is flat proof.  If you run this with a little Slime in your tire or some other tire sealant you will get instant puncture control.  
  • You get a tire that is lighter.  Nuetech reports that you can save anywhere up to 3 lbs per wheel.  There is a lot of physics and other science that pretty much tells you that if you have less weight spinning around you'll have faster acceleration and you won't have to work as hard to move your bike around.
  • You get a tire that has better traction.  You have a bead that is so secure that you can run pretty much any tire pressure meaning that you can fine tune your tire pressure to fit any terrain.
  • You get a tire that protects your rim.  The system holds the tire more upright so if you do case a jump or hit a rock the tire doesn't bend or deflect, causing damage to the rim.
The Nuetech Tubliss tubeless system is a good investment.  It can be used with any stock tire and rim setup and it is easy to remove.  You get a lot of good benefits without sacrificing anything.

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