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Pure Offroad on the trails

Posted by Spence on 9/10/2012
Pure Offroad on the trails

Winter is around the corner here in Wyoming and we're busy as ever in the office so we may or may not get out on another decent ride this fall.  A couple weeks ago several of us riding buddies planned a trip up to one of the highest mountain peaks here in our area.  The trail itself is only 3-4 miles long but it's one of the funnest rides we've been on.  The trail winds up this mountain zigzagging back and forth one switchback after another the trail gets tighter and tighter.  The distance you and your bike will roll if you tip over also increases significantly with each switchback. The trail itself isn't real steep but it's carved into the side of a very steep mountain.  I especially enjoyed this trail because the scenery is incredible and there weren't many rocks on the trail.  If you've ever ridden in our area you would know what i'm saying about rocks in the trail.  Riding truly is a passion of ours and each time we hit the trails I am reminded of how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful part of the country doing the things we love.  Now if we could convince the forest service to quite shutting down our trails we could do a little more exploring!  Here's a few pics.

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