There's nothing better than loading up the bikes and hitting the trails.  The sensation of flying through the woods, seeing nature pass right by you makes all your worries fly away.  Okay, enough fairy tale talk.  It is great to go trail riding but there's nothing I hate more than banging my hand on a branch or getting hit in the knuckles by someone's roost.  To keep your hands safe and happy Sunline designed the Enduro off-road hand protectors.

The Sunline Enduro protectors are designed with a full wraparound aluminum bar that gives you protection from every angle.  This is really great when you think about it.  I have personally always used wraparound handguards.  They keep you protected at all times and they are reinforced with metal.  Most branches can't bend metal.  The wraparound design has saved me a bunch of money on levers.  The hand guard stays in place when you're going down and keeps the lever from getting bent and snapping.
Sunline Enduro Hand Guards
Hand protection is a really good investment to make to your motorcycle.  They keep both your hands and the levers safer.  They also look really good on the handlebars.  It's an all around improvement for your bike.

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