Every year it seems like there is more and more snow on the ground.  It becomes more of a hassle to dig out the shovel and start clearing the driveway.  ATVs have become a popular way to get rid of the snow quickly.  All you need to do is hook up a plow to the front of the ATV and you’re moving way more snow than your shovel could ever dream of pushing.

Interco Reptile tires

You know that with snow come streets with less traction and you’ll need to have a good tire to keep you moving.  Interco offers the Reptile tire that has been one of the best tires we at POR have seen.  After personal use, we have seen that this tire can run with the best of them in other conditions and has the traction we need to move all the snow out of the way of our vehicles.  Check them out and let us know what tire you run for the snow.

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