Tamarack ATV Accessories
Most of their boxes feature a lockable storage compartment to help keep your valuables safe. The hard plastic boxes are a favorite among ATV enthusiasts because they hold up well to abuse, they are waterproof, and they don't fade in the sun as bad as the soft canvas type bags. Tamarack has been around since 1997. We started carrying their product in 2011 while they were in the process of changing ownership. They had a hard time keeping up with our orders and we had several unsatisfied customers that had to wait a long time for their Tamarack products. We eventually got frustrated enough with them that we quit carrying their boxes. Now in 2012 the original Tamarack owners have taken the company back and have everything under control. We are able to get their products quick and take care of our customers promptly. We have faith in Tamarack's product and we are very excited to start carrying them again. Check out the full line of Tamarack ATV boxes on our website today!

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