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The GBC X-Rex is a Silent Success

Posted by Jake Lott on 2/22/2011 to ATV TIRES
The Maxxis Razr tire has been a powerhouse in ATV tires for a long time.  You can see many of the top pros running Razr tires in the GNCC series.  There are a flurry of positive reviews for this tire on the internet.  I've heard that it works in every condition from freezing snow to blistering sand.  The tire is a great one but it could have some competition catching up to it.  

GBC has made their own attempt at making an X tread tire.  The GBC X-Rex tire is a silent giant right now.  The masses flock to the Razr because of the Maxxis name it bears but the GBC X-Rex is pretty much the exact same tire at a lesser price.  We have seen lots of popularity with both tires and they deliver similar results.  Both tires have a 6 ply construction and the treads on the two tires are almost identical twins.  the X-Rex actually wins my vote for best looking tread with its unique sidewall design.
GBC X-Rex ATV tire

Either one of these tires would get the job done in almost any condition.  They are lightweight and strong.  It isn't too often that you find a combo like that!  Find out what tire size you need for your machine and pick up your own pair of tires today.


Date 2/22/2011 4:57:10 PM
put xrex on front of my raptor best tire ive ever run

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