GBC Afterburn

Every year when the snow starts to melt I see more and more people out riding their ATVs.  Everyone gets spring fever and wants to get out again.  A problem that can come about is if you are out on the roads with a stock ATV you can get in trouble with your local law enforcement.  There are special regulations about ATV use on highways and city streets.  Take some time and find out what are the rules in your neck of the woods.

I was looking a little into the idea of having an ATV set up for street riding and thought it would be nice to get some street tires so I could cruise up and down the street with a smooth and quiet ride.  I was looking at all the street tires that are out there and I came across the GBC Afterburn Street Force tires.  They have almost the exact same tread as a normal car tire.  One thing that I liked was the flame details on the side walls.  You could be cruising down the road.  Everything we’ve heard about these tires is good.  I think they would be just the answer for any street use ATV.

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