Hey guys, this last weekend was pretty eventful for me.  There was an Arenacross race in Farmington, UT on Friday and Saturday was the season opener of the AMA Supercross.  I went down to the Arenacross to watch my cousins race in the 250 class.  I got there just in time to watch the first heat of the 450 pro’s class.  There was a guy on a Kawasaki that took the holeshot and never looked back.  He was flying around everywhere and made the track look like a cakewalk.

Pro Circuit Ti-4 GP

At the end of the heat, I happened to get a glimpse at his pipe and saw that he was running the Pro Circuit Ti-4.  I remembered that Pure Offroad has that pipe on the site so I went home to look it up again.  This pipe has a pretty well set price and it looks like it has some good payoffs.

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