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Aftermarket Wheels on 50 Inch Polaris RZR Trail

What do Aftermarket Wheels do to the width of my 50 Inch Polaris RZR Trail?

This article discusses how aftermarket wheels can change the overall width of your Polaris RZR. If you don't want your RZR to be any wider but you want aftermarket rims you will want to read a different article where we discuss how to keep your RZR as narrow as possible. If you are ok with your RZR being over 50 inches wide you will want to continue reading this article to find out what effect aftermarket wheels will have on your overall width. The RZR pictured is what we are using for reference for this article, it's a 2017 Polaris RZR 900 Trail which is advertised as being 50 inches wide from the factory. The picture on the left is the RZR when it was bone stock. The picture on the right is after we added new wheels and tires and several other accessories.

Bone Stock RZR 900 Trail with Factory Rims/Tires

After Adding Rims/Tires and Several other Accessories

2017 Polaris RZR 900 Trail with stock rims and tires

2017 Polaris RZR 900 Trail with aftermarket wheels and tires

50 inch wide side by sides are in high demand because many trails across the country have limitations on them as to how wide your vehicle can be. They will frequently have large rocks, cemented steel poles or other objects right at the entrance to the trail that are just wide enough for a 50 Inch wide vehicle to squeeze through. When we brought this RZR home I was curious if it actually measured just 50 inches wide and I was surprised to see that it actually measured just over 50 inches. It was closer to 50.5 inches. I guess since it didn't quite read 51 inches wide than Polaris could call it a 50 inch? Either way that extra 1/2 inch really won't make a difference when it comes to fitting onto a trail. Most trail heads I've seen have a little wiggle room so you can easily fit through them as long as you are close to that 50 inch width. I've never been checked where we ride in Wyoming but I hear stories of the Forest Service Rangers actually getting out a tape measure and checking the width of your vehicle. This seems a bit extreme to me, in my opinion if you can fit through the opening they have at the trail head than you should be legal to ride on that trail. I realize most states aren't as lenient as Wyoming so for those of you that ride where they really enforce the 50 inch rules you should consider some of our other wheel options that will keep you closer to the 50 inch width. We have another article in our help section dedicated to that topic if you want more info on that click here. Since things are pretty chill where we ride, and the 50 inch width wasn't a huge concern for us, we went ahead and put some aftermarket wheels and tires and many other accessories on this RZR. It's good R & D for the business and it's fun to try this stuff out! The pictures below show how the width turned out on this machine after we swapped out the rims and tires.

50 Inch RZR Trail with 4+3 Offset Aftermarket Wheels, now measures 52 Inches wide

52 Inch Overall Width with 4+3 Wheels

14x7 rims with 8 and 10 inch wide tires

9 and 11 inch wide tires on 7 inch wide rims

For this RZR we used the MSA M12 Diesel Wheels in a 15 inch diameter with a 4+3 offset. With the Maxxis Carnivore 29x9.5-15 tires. We also installed a Super ATV 2 inch lift on this vehicle to clear the 29 inch Carnivores and give us more ground clearance. The total width came to 52 inches wide. That can vary depending on the offset of rims you use and the width of the tires you have. For example, many of our aftermarket rims have a 3.5+3.5 offset which would add another 1/2 inch of width to each side and would make the total width of this RZR 53 inches. And if you used 10 inch wide tires instead of 9.5 inch like we have here than your overall width would be even wider. As you can see there are many variables that can affect the overall width of your RZR but this article should give you a very good idea and something to reference so you know what to expect when you buy some new wheels and tires from us. If you have any additional questions about aftermarket rims and tires or any other accessories please feel free to call or text us!