AMS M2 Evil Radial ATV/UTV Tires
The all new M2 Evil tire is here, and boy did AMS outdo themselves with this one. This tire is a lighter version of the M1 Evil tire very similar tread just lighter, but will hold its own out there on the rocks and trails. These tires are built to last and are a very durable tire. They feature a special long-lasting natural rubber compound for extreme tread life. Also has a very strong shoulder and sidewall tread to add more protection and traction on sand, dirt, and rocky terrain. AMS built this tire to be lighter, but just like we stated above they ensured it was built with the correct components to still hold up well. They are a Radial tire with 20mm tread depth, and the tread pattern is very similar to a truck tire tread. So you get a tire that still has some bite, but that closer truck tire tread design will ensure it has a longer life and will provide you with a smooth ride as well! The M2 Evil tires are Certified as compliant with FMVSS No. 119 for limited Highway use. These tires are an excellent option for all terrain, hard pack surfaces, rocks, sand, dirt you name it they just really are a great all around tire option for you. These will add a great aggressive look to your rig, and you'll get an excellent tire all in one! Get you a set today right here!



Date 5/19/2022

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