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On this page you will find several helpful articles, answers to commonly asked questions, installation instructions and other helpful info to shed some light on many different topics in the ATV/UTV world. We have probably been asked every question under the sun about ATV's and UTV's. Some of the questions get asked over and over so we try to do a write up about those types of questions so as you are browsing around on our website you can find the answers you are looking for without having to take the time to call us and find out. If the answers you are seeking are not found here please feel free to call or text us and we'll do all we can to help. Help articles are a fantastic way for us to show you pictures and explain in detail different things like, what is my ATV bolt pattern? Or how do I measure the offset on my wheels? You will also see some helpful videos within many of these articles.

General ATV / UTV Topics

- How do I keep dust from swirling in my Side by Side?

ATV / UTV Tire Topics

- ATV Tire Size Guide
- ATV Tires 101, a Guide for purchasing your next set of ATV / UTV Tires
- Staggered Tire Sizes or Run All 4 Tires the Same?
- EFX ATV / UTV Tires? Haven't heard of them.

ATV / UTV Wheel Topics

- ATV Bolt Pattern Guide
- ATV Wheel Offset Explanation
- OEM Rims are Different Widths, Aftermarket Rims are the Same Width?
- 12 or 14 inch Wheels? What's the Difference?
- How can I Keep my Polaris RZR as Narrow as Possible?
- What do Aftermarket Wheels do to the Width of my Polaris RZR Trail?

Seating on a Side by Side

- How can I add more seating on my Polaris RZR?
- How can I add more seating on my Polaris General?
- How can I carry more passengers on a Kawasaki Teryx?

Installation Instructions

- Polaris RZR 900 & 1000 Bump Seat Installation Guide

If you are shopping for tires for an ATV or Side by Side you will find many of the best options and several helpful guides at Pure Offroad to help you in your shopping. There are many retailers of tires online, it's a very competitive market. We consider ourselves one of the few retailers that actually have a vast knowledge of the tires we sell. We've been in business since 2007, we actually own and ride our own machines and we test out as many of the tires that we sell as we can. Look through the guides above and if you still can't find the answers you are looking for just call or text us. We know our tires and wheels like Campbell's knows their soup. We pride ourselves in the many years of experience we have in using and selling wheels for ATV's and UTV's. Tires and wheels are our bread and butter. If is the place to order hair spray for a donkey, Pure Offroad is the place to order tires and wheels for your ATV. We know how overwhelming it can be to shop for new rims for your ATV or UTV. So many offsets, so many sizes and of course all the different bolt patterns. We have several helpful articles addressing the most frequently asked questions about tires, wheels and other accessories for powersports. If you don't find the answers you are looking for just give us a call or a text. In this section we also have (and will continue to add more) installation guides for select popular products that can be challenging to install without a little help. Sometimes the manufacturers provide very litte info on the installation process so we try to address these issues and provide our customers with the info they need to get their accessories installed on their machine.

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