Replace your OEM pads with some of our Super ATV Sintered Brake Pads!!
We know how important little hard parts like Brake Pads are to upgrade and replace. We have Super ATV's Copper Sintered Brake Pads available for you and they accommodate many different ATVs and UTVs! These brake pads are built to last and built to give you better & more control while out on your rig. We know how fast some of you like to go in your fancy new UTVs, and your old worn down pads might put a damper on your ability to stop. These sintered pads are designed so you can ride hard knowing your brakes will stop you and have your back. How will these pads react in harsh off roading adventures? Pretty dang good... These sintered copper compound brake pads are built to do well under the stress of water, mud, and snow. Many of them feature a cooling channel as well for those machines that can get going at high speeds! Almost all of these Super ATV Kits are sold as a set of four. And like we said before we have these for so many great popular machines, Polaris RZR's Polaris Ranger's, Honda Talon, Honda Pioneer, Can-Am Maverick X3, Can-Am Defender, Can-Am Maverick Sport & Trail, Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 and many more! So needless to say just keep pushing your rig to its limits once you get yourself some of these great affordable Brake Pads!

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