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The Scoop on EFX ATV & UTV Tires

EFX ATV / UTV Tire Information

EFX Tires is a newer brand that is out on the market and they make some really great quality ATV/UTV tires. MSA has been around for years selling a great line of wheels and they recently started making this line of EFX Tires. EFX offers tires that are Mud, All Terrain, Radials, Bias Ply, and DOT Approved Tires. EFX Tires are on the higher end of the market, they are built to last and are very durable tires. EFX Tires are a little on the heavier side so you know you will have some tough and long lasting tires under your machine. See below all the Tires that EFX offers and which tire would fit your needs best! 


The MotoMTC is considered an All-Terrain tire good for a little mud, hard pack trails, rocks, snow, you name it it will tackle any type of terrain. This tire is a 6-Ply Construction with 1.25 inch lugs, and is a bias ply tire. This tire is offered in several different sizes to fit several different rim sizes as well.  This tire has a very similar tread pattern to the Maxxis Bighorn, but much more aggressive!! 
Size / Load Rating
(per tire)

  • 26x9-12  /  600 lb
  • 26x11-12  /  700 lb
  • 26x9-14  /  410 lb
  • 26x11-14  /  480 lb
  • 28x10-14  /  1000 lb
  • 30x10-14  /  1000 lb
  • 28x10-15  /  1000 lb
  • 30x10-16  /  1000 lb
  • 32x10-18  /  1000 lb
EFX Moto MTC Tires

EFX MotoHammer

The EFX MotoHammer Tire is designed for hard-pack and all-terrain and is named one of the best hard pack tires on the market with the best/largest contact patches, and extreme traction control. This tire is a Radial which means it will give you a much smoother ride, and is a rugged 8-ply DOT Approved tire. This tire has a soft compound making it an extremely smooth ride. Built for racers or trail riders this tire has great traction, and is built to last! 

Size / Load Rating
(per tire)

  • 27x9R-14  /  800 lb
  • 27x11R-14  /  800 lb
  • 28x10R-14  /  800 lb
  • 30x10R-14  /  1000 lb
  • 30x10R-15  /  1000 lb
  • 31x10R-14  /  1000 lb
  • 32x10R-15  /  1000 lb
  • 32x10R-16  /  800 lb
EFX Motohammer tires for hard packed terrain

EFX MotoVator

The MotoVator is their newest tire EFX has released. This tire is more of an All-Terrain and Hard-Pack Surfaces tire and is an 8-Ply design built to last. This is a Radial design tire that is steel belted, puncture resistant, and is capable of high speeds on any hard pack terrain. With a steel belted inner and outer bead this tire will ensure the smoothest, and quietest ride quality on the market! This tire has a huge contact patch and will be super responsive to your machine when you mash on the pedal. Offered in several sizes for you, check them out!

Size / Load Rating
(per tire)

  • 27x9.5R-14 / NA
  • 28x9.5R-14  /  1250 lb
  • 30x9.5R-14  /  1250 lb
  • 30x9.5R-15  /  1250 lb
  • 30x9.5R-16  /  1250 lb
  • 32x9.5R-14  /  1250 lb
  • 32x9.5R-15  /  1250 lb
  • 32x9.5R-16  /  1000 lb
EFX Motovator UTV Tires

EFX MotoClaw

The EFX MotoClaw is the ideal tire for trail and All-Terrain riding. It has a rugged radial carcass and is extremely tough. This tire will climb rocks, grab roots, latch on to side ruts, and perform in light mud as well. Putting these tires on your rig will make you grin from ear to ear. The MotoClaw features a unique non-directional tread pattern and has some good sidewall styling and protection. This tire comes in 6-ply and 8-ply carcass, and some sizes are a bias ply while others are a radial.

Size / Load Rating
(per tire)

  • 26x9-12  /  810 lb
  • 26x11-12  /  990 lb
  • 27x10R-14  /  1000 lb
  • 28x10R-14  /  1000 lb
  • 30x10R-14  /  1000 lb
  • 32x10R-14  /  1000 lb
  • 28x9R-15  /  800 lb
  • 28x11R-15  /  920 lb
  • 31x10R-15  /  1000 lb
  • 29x10-16  /  990 lb
  • 32x10R-16  /  1000 lb
  • 33x10R-18  /  1000 lb
DOT Approved MotoClaw tires by EFX

EFX MotoBoss

The MotoBoss is here to conquer! Combining the finest deep mud traction with a smooth, plush ride quality, this tire is one of the best all purpose tires to claw, climb, push and overcome just about any obstacle!! These have enormous 2 inch+ lugs and feature a bullet-proof 6-ply carcass. The tread pattern is a V design with extended center lugs for ripping through thick mud and for insane performance on and off hard-pack trail systems! You won't be disappointed with this bad boy, get yours today!

Size / Load Rating
(per tire)

  • 28x10-14  /  1000 lb
  • 30x10-14  /  1000 lb
  • 32x10-15  /  1000 lb
  • 34x10-16  /  1000 lb
EFX Mud Terrain Motoboss tires

EFX SandSlinger

The SandSlinger Tires are good for well....sand!! These bad boys have the optimal float, balanced grip and superior power from a complete stop so you can straight rip out on the dunes with friends. You want to have a tire that will perform time and time again for you and this tire will do just that. These won't let you down they are built to last with their 4-Ply design and they are offered in many different sizes for you to choose from!

Available Sizes
  • 28x11-14 (Front Ribbed)
  • 28x14-14 (14 Paddle)
  • 29x11-14 (Front Ribbed)
  • 29x14-14 (14 Paddle)
  • 30x11-14 (Front Ribbed)
  • 30x14-14 (14 Paddle)
  • 31x11-15 (Front Ribbed)
  • 31x14-15 (15 Paddle) 
EFX Sand Slinger Dune Tires