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ITP SD Series Dual Beadlock Wheels - 14 Inch Black Ops

ITP SD Series Dual Beadlock Wheels - 14 Inch Black Ops
ITP Dual Beadlock Wheels
Part Number:ITPSDBL14B
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ITP Dual Beadlock 14 inch SD Series Wheels

Check out this awesome dual beadlock by ITP! That's right, this rim features a beadlock ring for both the inner and outer lips of the rim. This is designed for guys pushing their machines to the max. With the dual beadlock feature your tires are securely clamped to both lips of the rim making it nearly impossible for it to come off the bead. ITP is leading the pack with this excellent looking & heavy duty beadlock wheel called the SD beadlock. SD stands for Severe Duty and when they say it they mean it. This wheel is an excellent option for ATV and UTV owners looking for a good heavy duty rim with the added protection of the beadlock. Get a set of these great looking wheels to dress up your machine and give the added strength and piece of mind that comes with a beadlock rim.

- ITP wheels are sold individually.
- Front & rear rim size is 14x7
- Matte black finish with black beadlock ring (also available with a polished ring)
- Dual Beadlock (includes beadlock ring for both inner and outer wheel lips)
- Strong, light and distinctively different.
- Uses ITP's new Rock Armor reinforced wheel lip.
- Built using ITP's exclusive Advancecast process to exacting QS 9000 quality specifications.
- Available for most popular ATV and side-by-side UTV applications
- Center caps and lug nuts are included with wheels.
- 2 year limited warranty against bending or breaking.

What are the benefits of a beadlock wheel?

- Clamps the tire's bead to the wheel rim using mechanical force rather than air pressure
- If a tire goes flat from a puncture or sidewall cut, it will not come off the bead, which usually will allow you to still maintain control of the vehicle and drive slowly to your destination
- Lowering the air pressure will allow the contact patch area to become wider and larger. This will provide you with better traction, floatation, control and a smoother ride
- A beadlock wheel can offer added assurance similar to a spare wheel and tire in the case of a flat tire.
- They will help keep the rim from spinning inside the tire and can stiffen up the sidewall of the tire while riding with low air pressure.

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