Check out our Application Cross Reference Guide for Kawasaki Off-road Motorcycles. This Cross Reference Guide provides you with the OEM Front & Rear Sprocket sizes along with the OEM chain size and length. The 1st number in the chain size is the size (strength) of the chain. The 2nd number is the number of links (length). Once you've determined which sizes your bike requires, click on any of the links below to view your options. We offer free shipping on orders over $100. Our chains and sprockets generally ship out within 1 business day!

Motorcycle Chains Front Motorcycle Sprockets Rear Motorcycle Sprockets

Model Year Chain Front Sprocket Rear Sprocket
KDX50 03-06 420x78 13T 28T
KX60 83-84 420x104 13T 44T
KX60 85 420x104 13T 44T
KX60 86-04 420x104 13T 44T
KX65 00-08 420x108 13T 46T
KD80 80-87 428x98 14T 37T
KD80 88-90 420x102 15T 34T
KD80M 82-87 428x98 14T 39T
KDX80 80-81 420x110 14T 50T
KDX80 82-83 420x120 14T 50T
KDX80 84-88 420x118 14T 48T
KX80 79-80 420x100 14T 48T
KX80 81-82 420x120 14T 50T
KX80 83 420x118 14T 49T
KX80 84 420x118 14T 50T
KX80 85 420x120 14T 50T
KX80 86-90 420x120 13T 49T
KX80 Big Wheel 87-90 420x126 13T 54T
KX80 91-95 420x118 13T 49T
KX80T Big Wheel 91-94 420x124 13T 54T
96-97 420x118 13T 49T
KX80 98-00 420x120 14T 50T
KX85 01-08 420x120 14T 50T
KE100 76-81 428x110 15T 42T
KE100 82-02 428x112 15T 40T
KX100 95-00 420x124 13T 54T
KX100 01-08 420x124 13T 51T
KLT110 86 428x100 12T 50T
KLX110 02-08 420x88 14T 37T
D125 76-79 428x118 14T 50T
KE125 80-83 428x118 14T 50T
KLX125A1 03-06 428x120 14T 51T
KLX125B1 03-06 428x120 14T 57T
KX125 79 428x130 14T 60T
KX125 80-81 520x118 12T 52T
KX125 82 520x114 13T 51T
KX125 83-84 520x114 12T 50T
KX125 85 520x110 12T 47T
KX125 86 520x110 12T 47T
KX125 87 520x110 12T 47T
KX125 88 520x112 12T 48T
KX125 89 520x112 12T 47T
KX125 90-91 520x112 12T 48T
KX125 92-93 520x112 12T 49T
KX125 92-93 520x112 12T 49T
KX125 94-95 520x110 12T 49T
KX125 96-98 520x112 13T 50T
KX125 99 520x110 12T 48T
KX125 00-02 520x110 12T 49T
KX125 03-05 520x110 12T 51T
KDX175 80 520x118 12T 52T
KDX175 81-82 520x118 12T 52T
KE175 80-81 428x118 14T 44T
KDX200 83-85 520x112 13T 48T
KDX200 86-90 520x110 13T 48T
KDX200 91-94 520x110 13T 47T
KDX200 95-02 520x110 13T 47T
KDX200 03 520x108 12T 44T
KDX200 04-06 520x108 13T 47T
KZ200 78-79 520x98 15T 40T
KDX220 97-01 520x110 13T 47T
KDX220 02-05 520x108 13T 47T
KDX250 80 520x110 14T 50T
KDX250 81 520x116 13T 50T
KDX250 82 520x118 14T 52T
KDX250 83-84 520x118 14T 50T
KDX250 91-94 520x112 14T 48T
KE250 77-79 520x98 14T 39T
KLR250 85-97 520x104 15T 44T
KLX250R 94-96 520x110 14T 50T
06-08 520x106 14T 42T
KX250 78 520x110 14T 50T
KX250 79 520x116 14T 50T
KX250 80-81 520x114 14T 50T
KX250 82 520x114 14T 48T
KX250 83-84 520x114 14T 50T
KX250 85 520x114 14T 50T
KX250 86 520x114 14T 48T
KX250 87-88 520x114 14T 47T
KX250 89-91 520x114 14T 47T
KX250 92-93 520x114 14T 49T
KX250 94 520x112 14T 48T
KX250 95-96 520x112 14T 49T
KX250 97 520x114 13T 49T
KX250 98-08 520x114 13T 49T
KX250F 06-08 520x114 13T 49T
S1 250 73 525x102 14T 48T
S1 250 74-75 525x104 14T 48T
KLX300 97-04 520x110 14T 50T
KLX300R 06-07 520x110 14T 50T
F5 350 70-71 525x92 14T 41T
F9 350 72-75 525x94 14T 41T
S2 350 72-73 530x102 14T 43T
KDX400 79-80 520x112 15T 50T
KLX400R 03-04 520x112 15T 44T
KLX400SR 03-04 520x112 15T 44T
KDX420 81 520x120 16T 50T
KX420 80-81 520x118 14T 48T
KDX450 82 520x120 15T 50T
KX450 74 520x102 15T 43T
06-08 520x114 13T 50T
KX500 83 520x112 14T 43T
KX500 84 520x112 15T 46T
KX500 85 520x112 14T 43T
KX500 86 520x114 14T 48T
KX500 87 520x114 14T 47T
KX500 88 520x114 15T 47T
KX500 89 520x114 14T 47T
KX500 90-04 520x114 14T 45T
KLR600 A 84 520x90 13T 42T
KLR600 B
85-86 520x104 15T 43T
KL650 Tengai 90-91 520x106 15T 43T
KLR650 87-91 520x106 15T 43T
KLR650 92-94 520x106 15T 43T
KLR650 95-07 520x106 15T 43T
KLX650C 93-96 520x112 15T 43T
KLX650R 93-96 520x110 14T 49T

Motorcycle Chains Front Motorcycle Sprockets Rear Motorcycle Sprockets
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