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Suzuki K&N Xstream Series Motocross Airfilters

Suzuki K&N Xstream Series Motocross Airfilters
K&N Xstream Series Air Filter
Part Number:KNXSS
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RM85/L (02-10)
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Suzuki K&N Xstream Series Motocross Air Filter
One of the top brands in the industry and known to everyone who has owned a vehicle that has an engine, K&N always backs up there name and their products.The Xstream series air filter is one of the greatest products they carry, offering a ton of advantages to your bike. It is designed to increase the airflow on your bike and perform in the most extreme of conditions. The Xstream Series features pliable seals, deap pleats and a tongue and groove injection molded top, making it a secure and perfect fit, and high capacity and increased performance. K&N filters are washable, re-usable, pre-oiled and ready to race, and on top of that, come with a One Year Limited Warranty. 
* Made in the USA for over 40 Years
* Built to handle the most extreme and harsh conditions
* Pleated media offers a large surface area and high capacity for extreme conditions
* Provides low restriction and is designed to increase power
* Two piece design makes installation and removal a breeze
* Includes the One Year Limited Warranty

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