Steel Moose Snow Plow Kits for many UTV Brand & Styles
Moose Utilities makes some excellent products, including Snow Plows! These are complete kits that come with a Plow Mount, Push Tubes, and the Plow Blade. These kits are durable and will hold up for years of plowing use. They will keep your drive, and property better cleaned up during the long, cold, winter months. These Moose Steel Plows are available in several different width of blades, 60 Inch, 66 Inch, and 72 Inch to accommodate many different machines! These kits are available for pretty much ALL side x sides if you don't' see one on our website please reach out at 877-852-2314 and we can get you set up! We also have many winches & winch mounts for your rigs too if you don't already have one of those on your machine. These do require a winch to operate the plow kit. You can also add on several different features to these plows, side wings, plow markers, and rubber flaps just to name a few. Don't go through the winter months busting your back when you can add one of these affordable complete plow kits to make your life much easier! Upgrade your UTV with a Steel Moose Complete Plow Kit!

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