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How do I Keep my RZR as Narrow as Possible?

How do I keep my RZR as narrow as possible using Aftermarket wheels?

One of the first questions our customers ask when they are purchasing new wheels for their RZR is, What will these do to my width? Since we get asked this question almost daily, we decided it would be a good idea to write an article discussing this topic to help answer questions you may have. With this information you should be able to buy some new rims and have a very good idea where your RZR will be widthwise. Adding width to your RZR with new wheels is a concern for many customers, but why does it matter? Let's dive right in and we'll explain.

The Polaris RZR Trail is a very popular side x side because it's narrow and it's designed to legally fit on the trails. The legal width on most ATV/UTV trails is 50 inches wide. Some states are more strict than others on this rule but for the most part, if you can keep your RZR right around that 50 inch width you should be able to legally ride on just about any trail that is open to this type of vehicle. I hear stories of riders getting their RZR width checked on the trail by a forest ranger with a tape measure. If you are riding on trails where this rule is strictly enforced you'll want to keep an eye on your width and make sure you aren't over the limit. (If you are ok with adding a couple of inches of width to your RZR you will want to read this article instead, it covers what width to expect with other wheel offsets that are more common with aftermarket wheels). I see many trail heads that have markers, rocks, cemented posts or other obstacles that are spaced apart just wide enough for a 50 inch vehicle to squeeze through. The last thing you want to do is buy some new rims and tires, get them installed on your RZR, drive to the trailhead and find out that you can't fit through. Or even worse, you are able to fit onto the trail but you get checked and you get a citation for being over the legal width.

Your factory Polaris rims have a very narrow offset which keeps the rims and tires tucked in as much as possible under the fenders keeping the overall width around 50 inches. Aftermarket wheels will almost always have a wider offset which causes them to stick out farther increasing the overall width of your RZR. This is where many RZR owners run into issues, they don't realize that aftermarket wheels will stick out wider increasing their overall width. So how can you put aftermarket rims on your RZR without adding that extra width? We have a couple of great options that solves this problem. Check out the following 2 rim styles we carry that are offered in a 6+1 offset that will keep your RZR as close to the stock width as possible.

6+1 Offset Wheels for Polaris RZR
We currently carry 2 styles of 14 inch aftermarket wheels that are offered in the 6+1 offset which is specifically designed to fit the Polaris RZR and keep the overall width as close to 50 inch as possible. The 4/156 Bolt Pattern and 6+1 offset is the closest offset we've seen to the OEM Polaris rims. If you want to put aftermarket wheels on your RZR and you want to keep the width as close to stock as possible you will definitely want to use one of the following 2 options that we carry.

STI HD3 14 Inch Wheels in a 6+1 offset
STI HD3 6+1 RZR Wheels
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ITP Hurricane 14 Inch in a 6+1 offset
ITP Hurricane 6+1 wheels
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How Does the 6+1 Offset Measure Up?
We installed a couple of these 6+1 offset wheels onto a RZR Trail 900 just to see how close they actually measure to the factory width. We wanted to be sure that these don't actually stick out farther like almost all aftermarket wheels do.
Narrow offset wheels for Polaris RZR We jacked this RZR up and removed the current rims and tires. (this RZR normally has 4+3 offset Diesel wheels & Maxxis Carnivore Tires. We discussed it's overall width with the 4+3 offset in this article) After the current rims and tires were removed we installed these 6+1 offset wheels. As the RZR sits in this picture the width would not be accurate because the A-arms are at a much sharper angle bringing the front rims closer together.
6+1 offset RZR Wheels Obviously we needed to lower the RZR back down and put some weight on the front end in order to get a true measurement on the width. We layed a couple of towels down on the cement to prevent damage to the rims and we lowered the RZR down putting weight on the front end and pushing the wheels out to their accurate width. At this point we were able to put a tape measure on them and see where we were actually sitting widthwise.
Keep my Polaris RZR Narrow
We're pleased to report that the width came in very close to the factory width. In fact we were surprised at how close it actually came. It's nearly identical to the factory width! As it sits without tires mounted on the rims we got a measurement of 48.5 inches wide. If you add 9 inch wide tires to these rims you will have a total width of 49.5 inches (give or take a mm or 2). And if you add 10 inch wide tires to these rims you will have a width of right around 50.5 inches which is the exact width that we measured with the factory rims/tires installed.

Will the 6+1 offset wheels also fit RZR S 900 and 1000 models?
Yes, they fit all RZR models except for the Turbo models.

Why else would I want to keep my RZR as narrow as possible?
Many RZR owners have the same concern about their width, it's not just the RZR Trail owners. We've heard several reasons over the years for why people try to keep their RZR as narrow as possible. The biggest reason would be the 50 inch rule but that's not the only reason. Even people with RZR S and RZR 1000 models (which are closer to 60 inches wide) are concerned about their width. Here are some of the reasons we've heard from RZR owners:

- The wider it is, the more mud and rocks you get flipping up on you, your wife, and your machine
- Maybe your RZR barely fits into your Toy Hauler, if it's any wider it may not fit?
- The trailer you use to haul your RZR might have rails on the sides, if your RZR is any wider it might not squeeze onto the trailer?
- The door going in to your shed or garage where you park your RZR might not be wide enough for anything wider?
- You are more limited where you can fit your machine on tighter trails
- Some people don't like the look of wider rims and tires that stick out farther

If the 50 inch width isn't an issue for me, should I consider using other aftermarket rims and widening my stance instead of using these 6+1 wheels?
If you aren't concerned about your RZR being a couple inches wider you might consider buying some of our other aftermarket rims that have a 4+3 or 3.5+3.5 offset instead. This will widen your stance a couple of inches and you'll have WAY more options to choose from. Here's some of the pros of going that route instead:

- Way more wheel styles to choose from (our 6+1 wheels are only offered in 2 styles for now)
- More sizes to choose from (our 6+1 wheels are only offered in 14 inch for now)
- Other offsets will widen your stance increasing the stability of your RZR
- Most people prefer the wider stance, it gives your RZR a more aggressive look
- If your RZR is lifted you'll most likely want some wider offset wheels to balance it out and make it more stable

We know that buying new rims and tires can be a difficult decision. There are so many things to consider and so many options to choose from. We have been selling tires and rims for ATV's and UTV's online since 2007 so we've got a lot of experience with wheel offsets, bolt patterns, rzr width etc.. If you have any questions please feel free to call or text us and we'll do all we can to help get you the answers you are looking for!