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No Limit Deuce 15 Inch 2 Piece Lime Squeeze Wheels

No Limit Deuce 15 Inch 2 Piece Lime Squeeze Wheels
15 inch Lime Squeeze Deuce wheels by No Limit
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No Limit Deuce 15 Inch Lime Squeeze Wheels

This color matches best with Polaris' Lime Squeeze vehicles or any others that share the same color. Colored rims to match your ATV or UTV can be difficult to find. Especially ones that look decent and actually match your machine. No Limit has the perfect solution to this problem. Take a look at one of the latest wheels to hit the market from No Limit called the Deuce. The Deuce rims are a lot like the Storm wheels because they are 2 piece modular wheels that offer many benefits over a standard 1 piece cast wheel. These feature a virtually indestructible double reinforced rim edge. The Deuce also features 400% more tire bead retention than any other brand. This allows you to air your tires down to a very low PSI and still stay on the bead. They also feature a lifetime structural warranty from No Limit.

What are the benefits of 2 piece wheels?

1) First and foremost they look awesome!
2) Are they as strong as a 1 piece cast wheel? This is the first question people have when they are introduced to the idea of 2 piece wheels. Actually yes, in fact No Limit has done extensive testing on their wheels and if anything, they have a higher capacity than a 1 piece cast wheel.
3) The center piece is interchangeable with other bolt patterns. This idea is ingenious! Let's say you buy a set of these 2 piece wheels for your Polaris RZR. And then you decide to buy a Can Am Maverick instead. The bolt pattern from your Polaris rims will not match up with the Can Am. You can buy new center pieces that have the correct bolt pattern for your Can Am and just swap them out. This is much cheaper than buying all new wheels for the Can Am. And it's much easier than getting your tires unmounted and remounted to the new wheels. Your tires will stay mounted on the rim hoops and you just have to swap the center pieces out.
4) The center piece is interchangeable with other Styles from No Limit. Imagine, you buy a set of No Limit Deuce wheels and then they release a new style that you are dying to have. You can keep the same rim hoops with tires mounted on them and just swap out your Deuce center pieces for the new style that No Limit releases.
5) The center pieces are interchangeable between 14 & 15 inch hoops. Yes that's right. You can take your No Limit center pieces and mount them on No Limit hoops in both 14 and 15 inch sizes. This would benefit you if you had a set of 14 inch No Limit wheels and then a new tire came out that only fit 15 inch rims. You could buy 15 inch hoops and your center pieces from the 14 inch will bolt right on to the 15 inch hoops. Again, this is a brilliant idea that gives you so much flexibility with your rims and tires.
6) Solves issues many sand riders deal with. Check this out, you can buy extra hoops and mount sand dune tires on them, and then use your rim center pieces with either set of hoops & tires. If you are heading to the dunes for the weekend you just have to unbolt the center pieces from your trail tires/hoops and bolt them on to your sand tires/hoops. This saves so much money and time. Just buy one set of center pieces with 2 sets of hoops and get trail tires on one set of hoops and sand tires on the other.

- In most cases our No Limit wheels ship out same day!
- Front rim size: 15x7, Rear rim size: 15x7
- Available in many color options to match almost any ATV / UTV
- 2 pieces are bolted together using loctite before we ship them out
- Innovative 2 piece design
- Rated at 1200 lbs. per wheel 
- 3.5+3.5 (+0mm) offset adds 1-1.5 inches of width per side to most machines
- Double reinforced rim edges make this rim nearly indestructible
- Includes lug nuts, valve stems and center caps
- Add tires and make it a tire/wheel kit. Comes mounted up ready to bolt to your machine!
- Lifetime structural warranty

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