Quadboss QBT846 Radial ATV & UTV Tires!!
Quadboss Tires have been making a name for themselves and are a very popular sought after tire now a days!! They offer several different tread designs and styles for you to choose from that fit your needs of riding style. Lets talk the QBT846 Tires to be specific, these tires are very popular and are competing very well with the Tusk Terrabite, and Kanati Mongrel. These are an 8 ply radial carcass with 3/4 inch tread depth. They feature a closer truck tire tread design so these will hold up well on hard pack terrain, such as asphalt, gravel roads, concrete, and hard pack trails. These do meet or exceed DOT specs, they are not "stamped" DOT as none of the aftermarket ATV/UTV Tires can be stamped that any longer with current regulations. These tires are a great durable option and give you a sweet aggressive look as well. They come in several different sizes, get you a set today at www.pureoffroad.com!

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