Super ATV Full Glass Windshields for Side x Sides!
These Super ATV Glass Windshields are the way to go! Trust us! These are worth the money, and it is safe to say they are pretty much scratch proof. Unlike polycarbonate windshields; that only hold up from scratches/dust for so long, these glass windshields are designed to perform and have a much longer use time. Built from AS1 Certified, Laminated Automotive Glass and feature an Aluminum Frame with a UV Resistant Powder Coated Finish. This being a glass product they are also much easier to clean as they are just like your car or truck windshield. Just give them a good wash, and wipe them dry with a soft cloth and you're ready to rip. Another great thing about these Super ATV Windshields is they are DOT Approved and Stamped so you can hit the trails or the roads and not stress about a thing. You might be thinking at this point, what about air flow? Another awesome feature is built-in sliding vents for just that, some airflow through the cab! You can partially open most of these windshields, open all the way or close them on those colder days. Also included is a hand operated windshield wiper to keep your driving visibility to the max! They have really gone the extra mile on making sure these windshields have everything a customer needs to keep them and their passengers protected, happy, and comfortable. These are an excellent product that are durable, will last, and offer you crystal clear clarity!!

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