All new RIDE System Rear Steering Kit for Can-Am Defender
The RIDE System Rear Suspension Kit for the Can-Am Defender is SOMETHING ELSE!! They have outdone themselves making this kit the strongest, most reliable upgrade out there. This kit will allow you to weave in and out of trees, rocks or other obstacles with ease. Giving you a 30% tighter turning radius & the insane Independent rear control allows you to crab walk or turn tighter with a large grin on your face! With a hydraulic steering cylinder, extremely durable rear suspension, and a patent pending design, you get independent rear steering that only SuperATV offers. And it’s awesome. Point the front and rear tires in the same direction to crab walk. Move out of line when someone breaks down at the park, or get your tires out of a rut to gain better traction. This kit is excellent to install when you have large tires or large lift kits so it will give you back that tighter turning ability. Another excellent feature on this kit is the Autocentering, you can toggle between manual and automatic centering to make things easy for you. These kits come with everything you need to install, they are very well built and will hold up even against the most insane riders! Check this kit out on our website, they are sweet!!

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