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How to Install our UTVMA RZR 1000 or 2015+ 900 Bump Seat

UTVMA Bump Seat Installation Guide

Disclaimer: The Polaris RZR 900 and 1000 models are designed to be 2 or 4 passenger vehicles respectively. Adding additional seats to haul more passengers can put you and your passengers at risk. You will need to use your own discretion when adding one of the following aftermarket seats. The instructions in this article give you the option to add a bump seat for more passengers but it is your choice whether or not haul more passengers.

Our UTVMA RZR 1000 Bump Seats are one of the most popular products we sell on our website because they are affordable, easy to use, and provide an additional seat on your RZR or up to 2 additional seats on a RZR 4 so you can carry more little passengers on the trail. This article will show you pictures and a detailed description of how to install our bump seat on your RZR.

We installed this bump seat, took the pictures and wrote these instructions based off an install on a 2017 RZR 900 Trail. The concept is the same for all the 2015+ RZR 900's and 2014+ RZR 1000's but the exact location for each bolt or rivet may change slightly between the different years/models.

Step 1: Remove Driver and Passenger Seats

Reach your hand in the crack between the bottom and rear cushion on your RZR seat and lift up on the plastic tab to release the lock that holds the seat in place. Sometimes you have to push down a bit on the seat with your other hand to relieve the pressure that puts tension on the lock. Once you have pulled up on the tab to release it, pull the backrest of the seat forward towards the front of the RZR rocking the seat forward. It will pivot on the front edge. You'll see 2 plastic tabs along the front edge of the seat below the cushion that are slipped into a crack holding the front edge of your seat in place. Once you have rocked the seat forward you can then slide the seat backwards releasing those front tabs from the crack they are inserted in. Set seats aside as you will not need to put them back in until your bump seat is completely installed.

Step 2: Remove Plastic Center Console / Cup Holder Section

Removing the plastic center console where your cup holders are is not absolutely necessary but it gives you much better access to remove the belt buckle bolts and overall makes this entire install much easier. To do so you'll need to remove the 6 plastic rivets and two torx bolts from center console. (the location and quantity of rivets and torx bolts will vary depending on what year/model your rzr is. We installed this on a 2017 Trail 900 and it had 6 push rivets and 2 torx bolts) Also remove the small plastic panel just behind your belt buckles where your engine oil dipstick is located.

RZR 1000 bump seat installation Install a rzr 1000 bump seat

Step 3: Remove buckle bolts, reinstall Center Console, replace buckle bolts with eye bolts

Using 5/8 and 3/4 inch wrenches (wrench sizes may vary by model) remove the stock buckle bolts from each seat belt buckle. Once the bolts are removed you will want to slip the plastic center console piece back over the seat belt buckles and put back into place. Slip in the new eye bolts that are included with your bump seat (do not put the nut on yet) and insert them through the buckle with the buckle sitting on the front side of the metal tab as shown in the picture below. Now you can reinstall the plastic rivets and torx bolts for the center console.

RZR 1000 bump seat How to Install a rzr 1000 bump seat

Step 4: Add harness straps and Bump Seat bracket to eye bolts

Your bump seat includes a 4 point harness. You'll see 2 straps that have metal triangle pieces at the end with a round hole. These are the bottom straps for the harness and they need to be attached to the same eye bolts that your belt buckles are attached to. Insert them onto the Eye bolts and make sure they are on the back side of the metal tab just as the picture shows below. Use a screwdriver or a metal rod and insert it into the eye on the eyebolt to help hold the bolt in place while you slip the harness straps and seat bracket into place on the eye bolts. There is a slight angle at the ends of the triangle pieces. Make sure they are installed just as the pictures show below with the angle going in the correct direction. After you have both harness straps inserted on the eye bolts you will want to grab the bump seat bracket and slip it on to the eye bolts. You could probably arrange these pieces in a different order on the eye bolt but we found this to be the best way for everything to fit snug and as organized as possible. The bump seat bracket has 2 legs that go down and fasten to the eye bolts. You'll notice the legs also have angles on them. Make sure you install it with the angles in the correct direction so your seat bracket sits straight up. If installed with the angles in the wrong direction the bump seat will not sit where it's supposed to and will not work. Please refer to the photos below to see which direction the angles should go. After the seat bracket is in place you can use the included lock washers and nuts and tighten everything up on the eye bolt. Insert a metal rod or a screwdriver through the eye on the eye bolt to hold it in place and keep it from spinning as you tighten up the nuts. If you reach your hand and ratchet through the panel you removed where your oil dipstick is you can get a socket on the nut and tighten everything up. Fit the rubber trim pieces around the buckle holes the best you can, it won't fit the same because you now have the harness straps and seat bracket coming through the same holes.

UTVMA Bump Seat install Hardware included with RZR bump seat
Harness strap for bump seat bracket for bump seat

Step 5: Install harness to seat, bolt seat to bracket

We found it was easier to install the harness to the seat before we bolted the seat to the bracket. This step is a little more difficult than you might think and we found it was much easier with 2 people. Twist the rectangle shaped buckle on the shoulder straps so they are running long ways and insert them one at a time into the hole near the top of the backrest on the seat. Push through far enough so you can get a pair of plyers on the back side and pull it through as shown in the picture below. Repeat for the other shoulder strap. Bolt the seat to the seat bracket using the supplied bolts and washers.

Install harness to bump seat Bolt seat to the bracket

Step 6: Connect harness at all 4 points

String the lower harness straps through the metal loops located in the corners on the underneath side of the seat. Continue to string the straps into the buckles on the lap portion of the belt as shown in the picture below. Once the bottom two points are connected you can fasten the upper two points for the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps connect to the harness bar which is located directly behind your head if you were sitting in your stock RZR seats. If you do not have a rear windshield you can just loop the shoulder straps around the harness bar and through the buckle and cinch it up snug so the seat is sitting at a slight recline. The seat should be at a slight recline so the passenger can sit comfortably and so the seat fits properly behind your stock seats. If you do have a rear windshield you will have to check your rear windshield to see if it has holes for harnesses as shown in the picture below. If your rear windshield does not have holes for harness straps you will have to remove the rear windshield or create your own holes for the straps to run through.

Harness install for bump seat Install shoulder straps for harness

Step 7: Reinstall stock seats, make any necessary adjustments

Insert the front tabs of your stock seats back into the slot where they are secured on the front edge and pivot the seat back into position and push down with some force to get it to lock back into place. The bump seat should be sitting just behind your stock seats at a slight recline. After you have reinstalled your stock seats check the tension on your shoulder straps to make sure there isn't slack on the straps. If there is slack you will want to tighten them up so the seat stays in it's proper position. Have the small passenger you plan on taking with you sit in the seat so you can check the adjustments on the harness to make sure they are snug but comfortable for the passenger. Your install is now complete. You'll notice this seat makes a nice armrest for yourself when you don't have a passenger sitting in it.

Harness install for bump seat Install shoulder straps for harness