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GBC Gator Atv Tires

GBC Gator Atv Tires
GBC Gator Atv Tires

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Item Id: GBCG-AR
Your Price: varies by size
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22-11-9 [+$100.00]
25-12-9 [+$121.00]
22-8-10 [+$84.00]
22-11-10 [+$103.00]
23-8-10 [+$88.00]
23-10-10 [+$100.00]
24-11-10 [+$111.00]
25-12-10 [+$123.00]
23-8-11 [+$88.00]
24-9-11 [+$100.00]
25-8-12 [+$97.00]
25-10-12 [+$105.00]
26-10-12 [+$112.00]
26-12-12 [+$138.00]
27-10-12 [+$120.00]
28-10-12 [+$126.00]
28-12-12 [+$141.00]
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GBC Gator Atv Tires

- GBC Gator ATV tires are sold individually.
- Our Gator tires generally ship out within 1 business day!
- Great tire for trail and mud conditions.
- 6-ply mud atv tire.
- Massive dimpled lugs over lap the center line to deliver maximum traction without sacrificing a smooth ride like most mud atv tires.

GBC Gator Tire Specs

Tire Size Ply Tread Depth
32nds (Inches)
22x11-8 6 28/32 (.87") 22.1
22x10-9 6 28/32 (.87") 19.6
22-11-9 6 28/32 (.87") 24.2
25-12-9 6 28/32 (.87") 29.3
22-8-10 6 28/32 (.87") 16.9
22-11-10 6 28/32 (.87") 18.2
23-8-10 6 28/32 (.87") 23.1
23-10-10 6 28/32 (.87") 25.3
24-11-10 6 28/32 (.87") 25.8
25-12-10 6 28/32 (.87") 29.7
22-7-11 6 28/32 (.87") 17.1
23-8-11 6 28/32 (.87") 18
24-8-11 6 28/32 (.87") 20.6
24-9-11 6 28/32 (.87") 22.4
24-10-11 6 28/32 (.87") 26.8
25-8-12 6 28/32 (.87") 21
25-10-12 6 28/32 (.87") 25.3
26x10-12 6 39/32 (1.21") 26.8
26x12-12 6 39/32 (1.21") 33.3
27x10-12 6 39/32 (1.21") 27.5
27x12-10 6 39/32 (1.21") 30
27x12-12 6 39/32 (1.21") 34.9
28x10-12 6 39/32 (1.21") 31.1
28x12-12 6 39/32 (1.21") 36.2
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Tires for my RTV
I did a lot of looking trying to find tires for my RTV. Had a hard time regarding sizes that would work. I found the Pure Offroad site and called them. Very knowledgable and easy to work worth. Delivery was quick and I already have the "Gators" mounted.
Reviewed by: George from Ulster PA. on 9/17/2014
Gators on Golf Cart
I'll keep this short: -awesome bite -mounted 22-11-10 on a 10" 3+4 rim. Perfect. -These things dig..... haven't got stuck. -Smooth ride? - 8 out of 10. Not nearly as kidney wrenching as they look. -On a golf cart you need the hp to turn them cause they don't slip. Especially if your running electric. -Orignally bought 2 for the rear (2wd). Buying 2 more for the front cause they are fantastic. -Actually pretty light for their size. -Great tire, great tread, simple. Pure off road was great. Fast delivery great price. Zero issues, just a great company.
Reviewed by: PC from SW PA. on 6/15/2014
28 inch Gators
I matched a set of these tires in the 28 inch size with a pair of ITP SS316 wheels and installed on my 2009 Suzuki 500 King Quad with 2 inch lift kit. I ride the mud and water holes every weekend and love these tires. They pull like a freight train through the deep muck and surprising to me, even with the aggressive tread design, they ride pretty smoothly. I would recommend these to anyone who asks. Price was right and free shipping, what more could you ask for.
Reviewed by: James from North Mississippi. on 5/7/2014
Gators eat swamp
I bought a set of Gators in 2003 and have been very happy with them. They clean well and are great in the muskeg. I run them on a Yamaha Grizzly 700 after taking them off my 03 Honda Rincon. I estimate about 10,000 kilometers on them and they have lots of tread left, not even worn to the lug notch. The only problems I have had with them is running them too low of air preasure. If you run them under 5 lbs of air they will spin on the rim and be flat. They are hard enough to run home flat with no problems and are easy to reseat with a small air compressor. Not many other tires will keep up with the traction and floatation of the Gators. Their name says it all, they love the swamp
Reviewed by: Alan from Alberta Canada. on 9/6/2013
GBC Gator ATV tires
Has a set on a mule they do a great job in this Louisiana mud.
Reviewed by: Donnie from Louisiana. on 6/29/2013
Good Tires
I put these tires on my 2013 Honda Foreman ES w/Power Steering. Definitely an improvement over the stock tires, but ride quality has diminished. They are an awesome tire when it comes to traction, don't even use 4wd most of the time. They are quite squirrelly on the hard pack due to the lug stiffness. Also more vibration on the hard pack due to the lug spacing. Also notice the machine is a little doggish due to the weight (these tires are pretty heavy). Overlooking these three issues though they are really good tires. Think I'm gonna go with the interco swamp lites when these wear down. Had a set on my old quad and they rode better.
Reviewed by: Shawn Pellerin from Plattsburgh, NY. on 6/23/2013
Ranch Forman
Put these GBC Gator Tires on my Kawasaki Mule they work the best of all the tires I have run so far Great price to. Thanks Jim
Reviewed by: JIm from Sedona Arizona. on 2/26/2013
Gators very pleased!
My first pair of 22x11 were on a Bear tracker 250. Very pleased on how durable these tires are and very minimal wear on all terrain. These tires dig like crazy in the snow. Never got stuck in the deep stuff. My new set is on a Trail Boss 330 (22x11) and I'm again blown away with how tough these tires are and how well they grip for a 2wheel drive machine. You could put them on the back of a garden tractor!. Money well spent for the 2nd time!!
Reviewed by: Frank S. from Detroit Mi.. on 2/12/2013
I purchased these for my kids 2012 Honda 250 Recon ES Four Wheeler for extra lug, ply & looks and achieved them all with the GBC Gators! They handle & ride great as well, with no loss of power with the factory sizes.
Reviewed by: Jason Mark Byrd from Alexandria, LA. on 2/5/2013
gbc gator tires
I have 4 of these tires on my 6x4 i have it on the four in the back they bite so good i have a hard time turning with the front tires. I highly recomend these on atv's and utv's
Reviewed by: jared from pa. on 12/27/2012
Everything is o.k. Except that Iwas disappointed that I did not have a receipt for the tires That is a must at the border
Reviewed by: Bernie from melville. on 11/1/2012
Great tires!
These Gator tires have been a great purchase! They can go through anything my son decides to tackle! We are very pleased with them.
Reviewed by: Dedra Snow from Pittston, Maine. on 4/27/2012
custermer service
I ordered a pair of tires. They only shipped 1 . I contacted them as soon as i received it. the salesman was quite helpful in correcting problem and had other tire shipped by a faster method. Some places still do have customer SERVICE and this is one of the few bill
Reviewed by: Bill B from ca.. on 4/22/2012
very happy
I purchase 4 tire called gators and I'm very happy with my purchase of this tires I haven't gotten stuck yet
Reviewed by: Jacob Stith from pitcher, ny 13136. on 4/17/2012
GBC Gators vs ITP Mudlites
I bought a set of 28" gators a while back frm this site. They weighd 31 lbs ea. I recently sold them bc I looked into 30" ITP mudlites. Theu weigh 33 lbs ea. and they r a TRUE 30" tire. The mudlites have 1.3" lugs where as the Gators had 1.21. Gators are good tires but y not buy a tire that is goin to last longer, is +2" bigger (because i dont think the gators were true 28", and is only 2 lbs heavier, and taller tread. YES your goin to spend about $250 more but it is COMPLETELY worth it.
Reviewed by: Kyle from Arkansas. on 3/18/2012
Great mud tires!
This is my second set of gators decided to go bigger after my lift. These are awesome tires little wear, great looking,and lots of traction. You can go wrong with GBC gators.
Reviewed by: bobby merricks from Carson VA . on 3/6/2012
gbc gators are grate
if anyone says the gators dont pull thay are full of crap. i went where the outlaws did not. i got the 27x12x12 and they are grate
Reviewed by: daniel mccrary from englewood fl. on 2/5/2012
Great tire!!!!
I bought a pair of these for my Honda foreman 400 and they work great in Mud,snow and trail riding!!! I definetly recommend these tires!!!
Reviewed by: Landon Lozier from Gbc gators. on 1/26/2012
GBC Gators
Great tires with great tread couldn't ask for a better tire especially for the price. Will buy them again when needed.
Reviewed by: Darrell Bean from Southeast Texas. on 1/10/2012
GBC Gator Great Tire Great Price!
Was a bit skeptical at first but once I saw the roostertails fly, I was completely satisfied with the Gators. They perform extremely well in muddy conditions,and tear through previous obstacles faced with ease. Shipping was quick and easy. Would definitely do bussiness at Pureoffroad in the future.
Reviewed by: Joe from kickapoo. on 12/12/2011
gator tires on jd gater
Great tires for mud,not for paved surfaces.
Reviewed by: wayne from Clanton AL.. on 12/12/2011
Review Utility atv tires
Awesome tires!!!!!!Good grip FAST SHIPPING
Reviewed by: Donnie Brown from Appling Ga. on 11/6/2011
Gators Rock!
Bought the GBC Gators for my Honda Rancher 350 and I am impressed. Traction is great. For the quality you get the price is unbeatable.
Reviewed by: niesje walton from Eureka, CA. on 9/23/2011
GBC gator tire
The tire is wonderful great for every terrain. No matter if it is mud, snow, gravel and sand it is great. They are great for a farm which I live to pull trailers and cargo through mud and everything that lays I'n my rutted tracks they pull great. Hope you guys buy these tires.
Reviewed by: Brandt from North carolina. on 7/2/2011
I put two on thwe bay of my 3-wheeler and now I go where my friends with outlaws can't
Reviewed by: chaz from Oakdale, louisiana. on 6/8/2011
gbc gators 28 inch
These tires are awesome i went threw so much mud and didnt get stuck 1 time!
Reviewed by: Tyler Madsn from 110 w coline mt.sterling il . on 5/4/2010
Great Tires!
You need to do business here. Outstanding fast service. A+ A+ A+
Reviewed by: Woody from TX. on 11/24/2009
Gator Tire Reveiw
Gator's are just a good trail tire as they are for mud. Ride smooth and grip well. They also wear good on the trail and road. Tires arrived in few days and in good condition. Will buy another set from Pure Offroad when these wear out, best prices and service....
Reviewed by: Dempsey Beckett from Beckley, WV. on 10/8/2009
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