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GBC XC Master Atv Tires

GBC XC Master Atv Tires
GBC XC Master ATV Tires
Part Number:GBC-XC
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XC Master Tires by GBC

The GBC XC Master is based off of the popular X-rex tire, but has some new features. Boasts a new reinforced bead to provide a better seal while also improving the durability of the tire. GBC motorsports also changed the rubber compounds for better traction, puncture resistance, and also reshaped the profile for better steering.

- GBC XC Master ATV tires are sold individually.
- In most cases our GBC ATV tires ship out within 1 business day!
- Great tire for all trail and track conditions.
- 6 ply atv tire.
- 1/2" Tread Depth

GBC XC Master Specs

Tire Size Ply Tread Depth
32nds (Inches)
20x11-9 6 15/32 (.46) 17.7
22x11-9 6  15/32 (.46) 18.3 
 20x11-10 6 15/32 (.46)  18.3 
21x7-10  15/32 (.46)  11.5 
22x7-10 15/32 (.46)  13.7
  22x11-10  15/32 (.46)  18.3 
23x7-10   15/32 (.46) 14.6 

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