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Super ATV 8 Inch Portal Gear Lift for Honda Talon

Super ATV 8 Inch Portal Gear Lift for Honda Talon
8 Inch Portal Gear Lift
Part Number:TAL-PGH8-3-8
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8 Inch Portal Gear Lift for Honda Talon 1000

Grab one of these 8 Inch Portal Gear Lifts for your Honda Talon and see what they are all about. This is the tallest portal you can get and they have a 1.5 inch forward and rear offset. This means that you will have tons of clearance and plenty of room to clear some MONSTER Tires! What takes portals above and beyond is the 45 percent gear reduction. this gives you back torque lost form adding bigger tires and more weight. This kit will allow you to ride high with monster tires and still have plenty of torque to roll over rocks and rip through mud. This kit is designed for all terrains and riding styles, it will hold up on them all! Like the Mud? Not a problem, this 8 Inch portal kit and a 45% gear reduction you will turn monster tires like they are stock. You'll be able to take on any mud and take home the bounty! More into Rocks? This will give you tons of torque to crawl over any rock or bolder! 

A Gear Reduction that Protects your Drivetrain
Portal gear reductions reduces stress on your axles, differential, prop shaft, and transmission unlike a traditional transmission gear reduction. That is because the reduction comes after your drivetrain and not before. Meaning you can keep the pedal down and do less damage than stock!!

Unmatched Gear Material
These top of the line gears use premium, precision-ground 9310 alloy steel to make sure they pair perfectly, run smooth, and won't break or fail on you. This means they are the quietest, and most durable portals you can get, even when you give them heck!

Stronger Housings by Design

These portal housings are built by experience and are tested to the max to ensure they hold up for you. Weather you choose cast aluminum, or USA-made Billet Aluminum, you're getting a housing that can't be beat. These housings are built with better oil flow and gearing forces in mind.

The Strongest Portal Backing Plates You Can Get

The backing plates are built with premium steel alloy that is stronger than chromoly and built for insane high-force applications. AT 5/16 inch thick these plates are strong enough to hold your suspension and portals together no matter the intensity you ride at!

Advanced Gaskets and Seals

Whether you go with Cast or Billet, both housings include; Advanced Thermo-Tork gaskets with excellent oil resistance and a lower deterioration rate than Kevlar gaskets, Rubber O-rings that completely seal the housings, A sealed input gear and double-lipped output seal, and 100% sealing coverage throughout so you can forget about oil leaks.

Bearings that Rock

From experience these portals feature output bearings that are a double-angular contact bearing that will survive heavy hits and big bumps to keep your wheels riding true.

Universal Hubs and Slotted Rotors

The stainless steel slotted rotors stay cool to give you braking power when you need it. They come in 4/156, 4/137, 4/115, and 4/110 bolt patterns and lugs. With all the most popular bolt patterns built into every hub you can use wheels from almost any source!! 

Reinforce Your UTV with a Frame Stiffener

SuperATV Highly recommends a frame stiffener even though the RZR PRO XP is one of the strongest machines Polaris has ever built that doesn't mean it's frame can handle the heavy duty awesomeness of 8 Inch GDP Portals!

Wheel Requirements:
* 22 Inch or larger wheel required
* Wheels cannot exceed 5 inch backspacing

- Our Super ATV 8 inch Portal Gear Lift generally ships out within 1-2 business day!
- Fits: Honda Talon 1000R : 2019+ / Honda Talon 1000X : 2019+ / Honda Talon 1000X-4 : 2020+
- 45% Gear Reduction
- 1.5 Inch forward and rear offset
- 9310 billet steel alloy precision ground gears are cool and quiet
- 1.5 inch diameter 4340 hardened steel drive shaft
- Universal hub fits all major bolt patterns
- Available in billet or cast aluminum housing
- Designed for all terrains or riding styles
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

Installation Instructions 

Honda Talon Portal Gear Suspension Recommendations

Tire Size

Required Suspension Setup with 8 inch Portals

35 Inch


35 Inch

2 Inch Lift Kit

40 Inch

1.5 Inch Forward Offset Front A-Arms 

40 Inch

1.5 Inch Forward Offset Front A-Arms and 2 Inch Lift Kit

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