MudBuster Fender Flare Kits for the all new Kawasaki Teryx KRX!!!
MudBuster Fender Flares are a great, affordable product. These are built in the USA, and will keep you and your rig a bit cleaner while out on the trails and in the mud! The Flares compliment your KRX's OEM lines, making it look like they were meant to be there from the factory. We all know when you are out riding with friends and family and you hit some mud, how annoying it is when there are chunks of mud and water pelting you as you're trying to enjoy your time out! MudBuster has outdone themselves on figuring out how to make these Flares the most durable and affordable hands down. These are built from HMWPE which stands for High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. This material; compared to HDPE, will hold up much better long term, won't be as brittle in the cold temps, and won't droop or disform in the heat. These can pretty much take all the abuse you can throw at them, they hold up extremely well and have a bit of flex to give when needed! If these do get damaged, MudBusters offers a Peace of Mind warranty to help get you covered and back on the trail. Just contact us to get you taken care of. The flares for the KRX 1000 come in many different sizes so you can get a small amount of coverage or a LARGE amount of coverage! Available flares for this machine are RaceLite, MudLite, Max Coverage, Super-Max Coverage, or Ultra-Max Coverage. Which one you choose is just based on how much coverage you want and how much flare you want sticking out there, they are all built to the same level of greatness and with the same materials! Check these out on our website, to get your KRX 1000 better protected, as well as you and your passengers!

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