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Rear Vented Windshield for the Honda Talon 1000X & 1000R

Posted by Sales on 5/27/2022
Rear Vented Windshield for the Honda Talon 1000X & 1000R
Rear Windshields are a must have if you're a legit off-road enthusiast! It helps keep you and your passengers more comfortable with less dust & wind while out and about whether it be on the trails, sand dunes, or cold weather conditions. One of the sweet features on these new Super ATV Rear Windshields is the Vents! This allows you to open the vent halfway, have it fully open, or completely closed. This is such a game changer giving you more control of how much air flow comes through your cab. Open that vent all the way on those warm summer days to get some nice air flowing through your cab while cruising down the trails. Open just halfway if you want just a touch of a breeze coming through to help keep you cooled down while racing buddies on the dunes. We all know mother nature has its own plans so close that vent all the way so you and your passengers stay warmer, and more protected from the elements. This windshield is built from 1/4 inch lightly tinted polycarbonate and is sure to last and hold up for a long while. These are build and molded to fit the Honda Talon 1000X & Honda Talon 1000R perfectly with a tight, secure fit. If you are in the market for a rear windshield for your Honda Talon, you should greatly consider this Super ATV Rear Vented Windshield, you won't be disappointed!!

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